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President Obama in NYC to raise money for Democratic primary

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NEW YORK (AP) — President Barack Obama will spend time in New York City Thursday, raising campaign money for the Democratic primary.

Obama will arrive in the city about 4 p.m. He’ll first attend a private event, then later in the evening attend a house majority PAC round table before departing about 9:15 p.m.

The stop follows a visit to an interstate bridge in Delaware that’s been closed because of tilting supports as Obama presses for more spending on roads and other public infrastructure programs.

The House passed a measure this week to keep transportation aid flowing to states through May.

Obama said that’s fine, but he spent the week pressing Congress for a more stable source of funding.

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  • DMH123

    Ukraine is in a melt down. Iraq is falling apart. Syria is falling apart. Libya is in chaos. Hamas is lobbing rockets into Israel, Israel just launched a ground invasion of Gaza. Both Egypt and Israel turned down Obama’s offer to help. Tens of thousands illegal immigrants are flooding across our southern border. We have the lowest labor force participation rate in 40 years and the only new jobs being created are part time.

    The only thing this guy actually knows how to do is read a teleprompter. Pathetic.

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