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Man dies during arrest on Staten Island

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STATEN ISLAND (PIX11/AP) -- A man died while being arrested on Staten Island Thursday afternoon, according to authorities.

Sources told PIX11 News that Eric Garner, 43, was trying to stop a fight between two other men when police were called at about 4:45 p.m. in Graniteville.

By the time authorities arrived at the scene, the men who were fighting had run off.

Police then got into an altercation with Garner and began strangling him, according to multiple witnesses.

Video obtained by PIX11 News shows that Garner was handcuffed at the time. Click here to watch the footage from the New York Daily News.

Garner was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Authorities said Garner, who was 350 pounds, died of a heart attack.

The investigation is ongoing.



  • Joey Binky

    This reminds me of the movie “Do The Right Thing” the way the cops killed “Radio Raheem”. These fuckin’ cops are vicious in Staten Island. They act as though they are military.

  • SIThinker

    Is it possible to consider the size of this man (350-400lb) man who is obviously excited following a fight of a sort. Callers probably described the hefty fellow as he was probably easiest to identify. Cops then investigate, dispute and turns into a fight. How exactly do cops 30% of this guys weight take him down “easily”… And to be fair, his weight surely contributed to a heart attack. So… lets see what pans out…

  • jr

    How funny the person writing this article had to put the man’s weight. I guess so you can blame the heart attack on the man’s weight! Good one, Another prime example on PIGS overstepping their authority. The man was blameless, he was trying to break up a fight, why would these dumb ass vigilanty PIGS choke the man?????? Please, someone with common sense answer this for me!! I must be too stupid to understand!!!!! ASS#OLE PIGS!!!!

  • the enlightened one

    how could the cops see him selling cigarettes and he was just breaking up a fight. and how they didnt pay attention to the guy fighting. somethings fishy about this cops story hes doneee…

  • ron

    So they strangle the one compliant person to death? While he doesn’t resist. Don’t defend unjust action with ignorance.

  • Nicole

    Hero I think not .. That cop will will not have a job trust me …. He will loose everything .. So say bye .. Already on desk duty ..


    Those racist PIGS in S.I. should be arrested and beaten just to turn the table for once. How many times is this gonna happen before something is done?? Those bastards are supposed to PROTECT AND SERVE EVERYONE not just WHITES….The PIGS are gonna start a Civil War.!!!

  • cmonman

    I don’t know if half of you people are illiterate or what but, HE WAS NOT choked to death, he died of a heart attack. Was he selling cigarette ? Who knows. But the cops obviously thought he was and told him he was under arrest. At that point he had the option of going the easy way with his hands behind his back or the hard way being taken down. That was a bad choice he made , because his obesity had obviously caused his heart to be in a weekend state. The people calling these police officers murders are plain ignorant. All the man had to do was go without resisting and tell the judge his side of the story. Tragedy for ALL involved.

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