Jersey City on high alert as talks of retaliation against cops emerge

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JERSEY CITY, N.J. (PIX11) -- As the purple and black bunting drapes the front of the Greenville Police Precinct in Jersey City, it reminds cops of the dangers that can be found on the streets they patrol.

One cop sporting a bullet-proof vest told me off-camera they are concerned about the potential of retaliations.

They're not the only ones.

"Of course I'm concerned about it," said Shawn Blunt a father of four who has lived in Jersey City since he was 12.  Blunt told PIX11 News that he has seen more patrols since the shooting death of Rookie officer Melvin Santiago and is cognizant of the reason for them, "You can understand, cops are worried.  They don't want to be the next one to get shot.  They are worried about what is going on."

PIX11 News spent some time along Wilkinson Avenue meeting with Blunt and his friend Michael Timberlake, himself a father of two, where Michael was asked if the community was on edge? "Yeah, definitely.  It's a lot of crime going on out here, shootings and everything. There is a lot of stuff going on out here, but you know."

Elliot Conyers agreed, "I mean there is a lot of things going on out here and nobody is playing safe no more.

The 44-year-old Conyers then shared his story with me on a stoop where he discussed his own recent loss, "I mean, that is somebody's child.  Of course I feel remorse for them because they have lost a child like I did. But it's like they lost a child to somebody that shot an officer and I lost a child that, that officer shot my son."

Conyers's son Levi King was shot by a Jersey City police officer on June 24th. Reports say he was reaching for an officers gun. Conyers says it's still under investigation.  Meanwhile as his son lives on through a memorial at the corner of Grant and Martin Luther King, cops are now wearing the aforementioned bullet proof vests because of this memo obtained by PIX 11 News. A memo titled "info pertaining to retaliation" where the potential hunting down of cops in memory of King is being discussed on the streets.

Conyers's reaction to the potential violence is that it doesn't solve anything and most importantly, it does not bring his son back.

As for the Jersey City Police Department?  They are patrolling the streets and preparing for Officer Santiago's funeral on Friday.


  • Bill

    Wait a minute. Just How do we KNOW all this? Or just perhaps it is just a bunch of pumped-up jazz, initiated by the press and police!!?? After all we are all aware of the “News Hunger Games” the press is addicted to, and they do often try to fit a square peg into a round hole.. And the Police? well the police are the police..

      • mms

        No cop deserves getting killed for a pregame of hunting “blue” down.civilian nor non civilian,dont wish harm on anyone when it can be done to dont value your life so be it.evil is evil.retailition for what?????ignorance and stupidity has no place in life.

  • GreenvilleSection_JC

    Pix11 please stop with this hype… There is no planned attack against the Police by the “Greenville” Civilians. I think these claims have went on long enough. It seem to me the only people that are shooting are the police. Whatever guns that are in the area been in the area and was not brought in for a special mission. Folks hanging outside been hanging out there. They just want to sale their drugs do their drugs and not terrorize the neighborhood. I think that these types of reports only put the police further on edge and the anti cop civilians in a defensive state. Please stop with your “Hog Wash”. Thanks… I can speak on this because I am “Black” and am in the heart of this BS…
    I have goals and dreams that are the same as Officer Santiago. Much respect to him and his family…
    They act like this because of the brutality of a few “A’ hole” Officers. I’ve witnessed this. Who do you call to report the police?

    And on another note more personal…
    They don’t hire us “Blacks” because, we are from these crime ridden areas( Yea, I know sounds crazy; they can’t do that, but they do.) as much as the Mayor would like to hire more “minorities”; he will keep getting the “Other” kind of minorities and not the Black kind. If anything JCPD don’t play fair when it comes to hiring “US”. I know first hand. and have reached out to many about the issue and still nothing but circles.

    M.J said it best,
    They don’t really care about “US”

  • S. Kelly

    There is no such thing as a “bulletproof” vest. It’s called Kevlar body armor, it is and has been required, standard – issue equipment for a VERY long time. This article makes it sound like the officers are suddenly freaking out and realizing their job is dangerous – whoever authored it is a clueless idiot.

  • Takeya

    To all the people deeming every JC resident ghetto and ignorant-how dare you?! I am black, I live in the “Greenville” section and I am a college graduate, work for a major non-profit and give back to my community and other communities a a variety of ways. I am far from ghetto and ignorant so please STOP labeling us all. Many of us are hard working class individuals, kind, genuine, supportive, positive and educated. STOP LABLING US! We deserve more than your nasty comments!

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