[EXCLUSIVE] Mom leaves violent daughter in hands of police as last resort

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) -- A desperate mother turned to PIX11 to get her daughter the help and tough love she needs after a shocking, violent video went viral.

First seen on PIX11, the video shows a gang of young girls brutally beating a woman on the ground earlier this month.

Since one of those girls was identified by police, she has been on the run. Her own mother had no idea where she was.

She is only 14 years old, but completely out of control, her mom says -- fighting and hiding from the law.

Two days ago, she finally returned to her Bronx home with her mother, but there was no happy reunion -- she said every encounter turned hostile and violent. Her mother realized she needed to get authorities involved.

However, every time she called police, her daughter would run away just to avoid the responding officers.

The girl's mother tearfully explained that she called PIX11 as a last resort -- the only way for her daughter to learn her lesson, and to keep her out of danger.

She hopes that she will clean up her behavior before she turns 18 and consequences become more serious.

The mother believed that if there was no police intervention, her daughter will either kill someone or be killed.

The daughter was taken into custody. Because she is a minor, none of her charges will be released.



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