Police try to connect missing BK woman to body parts found on LI

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BROWNSVILLE, Brooklyn (PIX11) -- What exactly happened to Chinelle Brown?

The worst is awaiting to be confirmed regarding the mother of four living away from her family in Guyana.

As a candled burned with flames of hope on the front stoop of her two story home in Brownsville, there was once again a large media presence covering what is rapidly becoming one of the most intriguing stories of the summer.

The reason? Body parts strewn over two counties, some as far as 40 miles away from the residence in Brownsville.

First was the gruesome discovery of a torso in the weeds by the Fire Island ferry terminal in Bay Shore on Tuesday, followed by a fully-clothed arm discovered in Hempstead on Wednesday.

While Suffolk County authorities continue have the lead on the case, a spokesperson would not confirm if the parts found were indeed the partial remains of Brown.

Additionally, they did not confirm as to whether or not the FBI has been contacted.  If so, then that will be an indication of a potential connection to the numerous remains found a few miles away from Bay Shore on Gilgo Beach in 2010 and 2011.

Meanwhile back in Brownsville, Detectives out of the 73rd precinct continued to canvas the neighborhood in hopes that someone might come forward with information that can help crack the case.

A key issue according to one detective that PIX11 News spoke with, there are not many surveillance cameras surrounding the home.

A forensic psychiatrist, who is not involved in the case, described the act of body parts being strewn around the two counties to PIX11 News as having a certain level of "perversion," but the expert also added that the killer was "relatively meticulous."   Adding that a panicked killer would have simply dumped the body as a whole.

As for residents by the home where Brown lived, all of them told us that they are walking the streets more aware of their surroundings, "I'm kind of scared now for my family only because of what happened to Chinelle," said Michael Talbot who wasn't the only area resident troubled by the case.

Louett Brown was as well.

As a mother of two young children, she conveyed to PIX11 News that she is much more on guard for herself and her children, "Much more. I mean I've been on guard, but 10-times more."

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