Fans urge Carmelo Anthony to stay with Knicks

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NEW YORK CITY (PIX11) - Carmelo Anthony has legion of fans. There were several hanging out where many would like to see him for years to come, a New York City basketball court.

"I hope you resign Melo. I'm wearing your shirt. I love you guy. We need you here in New York," said Jose Andujar between shots at Columbus Park in Lower Manhattan.

At Sara Roosevelt Park, Randall Rooks and his son Randall III, worked on their cross-over while wondering if "Melo" could perhaps leave the big city by crossing over the nation to play in Los Angeles with the Lakers. All this speculation though is getting old for Rooks, "I'm like enough, but I want Melo in New York because the simple fact is he's from New York. Bring it back home."

Over at the cages on West 4th Street, Keith Nash wasn't buying any of it, "He's staying."

The veteran hoopster is confident Anthony is not leaving his NYC roots.

Nash even brought out his Knicks towel along with a program featuring Anthony on the cover.

For Nash, Anthony is simply doing his due-diligence, "It's business, why not test it and come back home? You already got the stage Melo. Don't leave it. Stardom is with you."

Although, he's only been a Knick since the winter of 2011, Melo has produced some success with three playoff appearances.

However, as this baller who goes by the name of "Butter" conveyed to PIX 11 News, this whole wait and see hoop circus is old already, "I'm tired of it, but he's doing what is best for him. I'm a diehard Knick fan. People always say they're bums, but that is my squad. But he's doing what is best for him."

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