Mother accused of killing 11-month-old, posting photos of body online

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NEW YORK CITY (PIX11) -- Exactly what was going on in the mind of Nicole "Nikki" Kelly?

Outrage spread across the internet after investigators say that Kelly killed her 11-month-old son Kayem Felix, but now there is additional furor over the alleged actions of the 22-year-old after her son's death.

Kelly is alleged to have posted on her Facebook page a photo of little Kayem's body with a R.I.P. message at the bottom of the image.

"Obviously it is horrible to see but at the same time I think that this may go to her mental state," says Julie Rendelman a former Brooklyn prosecutor.

Rendelman has spent more than 20 years inside of courtrooms. While discussing little Kayem's death, she conveyed to PIX11 News the impact of social media to a case. "As a prosecutor, I'm always amazed at how perpetrators use Facebook to publish things that will be used against them in the future."

Renowned forensic psychiatrist Dr. N.G. Berrill said, "Taking a picture of the child, it is shocking and perhaps a bit unprecedented."

Dr. Berrill has delved into some of the most gruesome minds behind bars. This case stands out for the manner in which it has played out digitally.

"What makes this a bit unique is the interplay between the murder and getting it on Facebook I think."

It is on Facebook where Kelly states that she misses her baby boy and feels horrible over the death, adding she was supposed protect him, but she fails to protect the child's everlasting spirit with the posting of what is believed to be his final image.

"Psychosis, unlike postpartum, has an element where a woman has lost touch with reality," said Dr. Carly Snyder, a reproductive and perinatal psychiatrist.

Dr. Snyder is also on the board of Postpartum Support International. This is a case that strikes her not only for the death of Kayem but also for the publicity being generated by Kelly's thumbs.

Asked if she personally ever dealt with a woman who posted her issues with her child on Facebook, Dr.Snyder said, "No," adding that, "In the psychotic cases I have seen, women are either psychotic or bereft but they are definitely not going on social media."



  • Thewalrus

    Terrible, too many psycho people in the world today- and the children have to suffer because of it.

  • Victoria

    I dont understand first how sick to you have to be to do something like that. There so many people who cant have children and would give anything to have the child. Second I understand its difficult to be a single mom if you cant take care of it dont kill it. Take ir to the hospital or a NYPD the child is not deserve to be killd.

  • Grisel

    Not for nothing but what is wrong with people are they sick. People who do this to there children or any child in fact doesn’t deserve to live. I don’t care how psycho you are. You just don’t deserve to live.. Smh jus saying. I’m 24 with two kids and I love them to death. My kids come first… There needs to be a harder law on those parents or people per say who do things like this. If I was god I’d get rid of all the bad idiots who hurt innocent lives. Them mother f******

  • Nikki Davidson

    I think she’s a sick bitch who deserves to be put to death… If she didn’t want her baby than why not give him up for adoption? I don’t understand how anyone can kill, especially a baby…
    This world is just getting worse by the second… Scary..

    • bengalpuss

      I couldn’t have said it better myself nikki, if you take a life, then you deserve the death penalty, especially when you kill a baby who couldn’t defend himself and it was his mother, the woman supposed to protect, love and cherish him, not murder a helpless baby, sick bitch she is.

      • sweets21

        Agree 100% … I couldn’t imagine harming my child or anyone else’s. I can’t and will never have respect for anyone who harms a child physically mentally nor emotionally!

  • angie

    She’s very ill no-one will ever know why she did it shes a vert sick individual why she posted this on a social network we don’t know only God knows im praying for the family of this precious life that was lost but also praying for her that God have mercy on her soul

  • L M D

    If this girl was tired of having a child she should have did him a favor and killed herself! i cant c how some1 could do this how crazy r u tht u now feel horrible and wish u could bring him back? no bitch this isnt a dream world u killed ur own child a innocent baby…im a mother of 4 babies and 1 on the way i in my most drunken depressed state have turned 2 my kids 2 make me feel better and they gave me a reason 2 become successful. i guess some women dont have the heart enough 2 realize they are a failure without kids. tht baby didnt make tht girls life no more miserable thn it alrdy was! i hope they strangle uu 2 death wen u get 2 the prison. RiP baby haunt her mind until its over.

  • Ashley C.

    Hun, people have been murdering since the earth was born. You hear it a lot more, because before there wasn’t a lot of media like today. It’s 2014, we have Internet on our cell phones, social media like facebook, Instagram, etc…. it’s easy to access the news then it was many years ago when people watched TV with black and white color. Just saying! And trust me she will face penalty.

  • anonymous

    Often people feel a connection to others in social media in a personal way. They feel they have people to talk to and relate to. With psychosis, the affected person can alter between a psychotic state and then an awareness state where they may have regrets about something they did while in the psychotic state, yet not enough to totally break free from the psychosis.

  • Rev. C.l Reed

    It’s amazing to me how now after the fact that friends, or even people who know her can say she wasn’t fit to be a mother or the fact that the aunt can say I told you if it was to much I would take him. The baby was 11 months old and where I dare not take the side of the mother, through the comments of those that knew her it sounds as if she was crying out for help. It also sounds like no one had grave concern to find or give that help until now, and that’s through ” would of, could of , and should of “. Instead of bashing her lets pray for her and the rest of the Family, I can say this no mother in their right mind can kill their child or any other. So let’s pray that what ever illness she is faced with that God take care of her as well. We know justice will be served in the courts but this goes beyond that. Each of you have a Blessed Day!

  • Myth Spelling

    seriously people this happens every day hundreds of times a day all over the world hey cherry pick an assortment of various little things to hit your nerves in the news, it’s a business that needs your oohs and ahhs, you shouldn’t be so gullible and ignorant.

    and maybe you should ask Jesus to legalize abortion, that way if someone doesn’t want to have kids but has them by accident, they will not then have the opportunity to torture them for 18 years but rather could simply fry an egg and be done within 3 seconds..

    if you read story after story of these people torturing her children in the most heinous an unthinkable ways, and you actually believe that God would prefer that to their having, had an abortion, you’re partially responsible for these things when they happen in a democratic society.

    in the meantime stop whining like you’re so self righteous, you probably feed your kids sugar and gmo-fed beef … uh…

  • Ms.R

    All I have to say is that it ain’t all about getting a abortion and so on the whole point is that when you have unprotective sex you know what mite happen next. If you have the feeling that you pregnant get yourself the morning after pill. Wake up ladies having a baby is not easy you must be stable and prepare to be able to handle a child. Its a 24/7 job that this child will require from you until this child hit adult age. Second having a child thinking you gonna keep a man by your side is not gonna happen men will say what ever when ever and yet theyaint gonna be there to help 100%. I hear this day in day out from young women and ya gotta wake up and face the facts of life getting government help is not easy no more so stop thinking that also…. I’m just writing in general and it does hurt to hear when a baby , child is hurt by mistake of others and the sad part is that this baby life will be spilled on his family’s hands becuz if they knew that the mother needed help and yet they didn’t jump in to help then your much as fault on this as the mom.

    • Grisel

      I agree with you. I have two kids and I do it on my own and I’m glad my kids drive me crazy. I love my job and I thank god for having them in my life.. Im the mommy and the daddy. Amen to your comment.

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