Laser helmet promises to curb hair loss

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- Instead of using creams, pills or going to the doctor, hair loss can be treated at home using a so-called laser helmet, according to the device’s creators.

Theradome’s creation was supported by an IndieGoGo campaign that surpassed its goal by nearly 1,000 percent. Some 1,265 backers donated nearly $470,000 to make the device.

Users place the helmet on their heads, flip a switch and sit for a 20-minute session twice a week. The device’s manufacturer touts its ability to reduce hair loss and promote new hair growth in three to four months.

More than a dozen of the laser helmets have been donated to cancer survivors, the manufacturer said.

Theradome has been approved by the FDA, but the device has been cleared for use in only women so far. The manufacturer hopes to have FDA approval for the Theradome’s use in men by mid-2014.

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