Queens mom allegedly kills 11-month-old son after ‘reaching breaking point’

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ELMHURST, Queens (PIX11) -- Detectives say she told them that she killed her own baby boy because she had "reached her breaking point."

Now, Nicole "Nikki" Kelly is in police custody charged with the second degree murder of her 11-month-old son, and the story surrounding his death is disturbing to people who knew him and his mother.

The child, Kiam Felix, Jr., was pronounced dead at Elmhurst Hospital on Sunday afternoon after Kelly, 22, brought him into the emergency room with the boy's father, who does not live with them.

Instead, Kelly and her baby boy rented a room from another woman, who herself has a two year-old boy. "I really don't want to talk about it," the woman, who would not give her name, said Tuesday morning regarding her roommate's arrest the day before.

She did describe the child who had been staying in her home until she saw him unconscious with his mother on Sunday afternoon. "He was a happy baby," she told PIX11 News.

Indeed, in every photo of him on Facebook, little Kiam Felix looks sweet, kind and happy. Some of the photos are particularly disturbing based on information conveyed by Kelly's housemate.

She said that she'd seen Kelly on Sunday afternoon with the body of her lifeless baby, just before the baby's father had come over to take him and Kelly to the hospital. The baby was dressed in a completely white outfit -- vest, collared shirt, necktie, pants and socks, identical to the wallpaper photos on Kelly's Facebook page.

Below that photo banner, Kelly had posted, in part, after her son's death, "Missing my baby boy so much wish there was some way I could bring him back to life I feel horrible knowing he passed away. Am [sic] his Mother. I was supposed to protect him."

Police at the nearby 110th Precinct could not agree more. They arrested Kelly, and after questioning her, they reported to district attorney's office investigators that the woman who has worked as a home health aide wrapped her baby so tightly in a bed sheet Sunday that he couldn't breathe or move.

She left him alone on the bed for a half hour, while she showered. After he turned blue, Kelly called the boy's father, who took them to Elmhurst Hospital, where he was pronounced dead early Sunday evening.

After she was taken into custody, according to the Queens District Attorney's Office, she told investigators, "I reached my breaking point, I didn't want him anymore."

Two ironies are worth mentioning. It was Kelly's 22nd birthday on Monday, the same day she was arrested for causing the death the day before. Also, she is currently undergoing a psychiatric evaluation at Elmhurst Hospital, the same facility to which she'd brought her son.

She is currently expected to make a first appearance before a judge on the murder charge on Wednesday. Kelly will be arraigned at her bedside at Elmhurst Hospital.

If she is found guilty, she faces a sentence of 25 years to life in prison.



  • Laurie L. M

    This is VERY disturbing and horrible. I don’t seem to understand, some actions of these women we are called, today. If you aren’t ready to have a child then get an abortion. Is it so hard to sit down and realize, what is the right outcome for an individual then resulting to this.
    My opinion is A LOT of these women from today are thinking a man can be tied down with a seed, When its sad to say, THAT YOU CANT.

    • Steve P

      Laurie M
      An abortion is not the answer as it’s STILL MURDER!! Stop having sex or at least unprotected sex for starters. That’s how you avoid having a child in the first place.
      You people make me sick with “oh I’m pregnant I guess I’ll just kill it because Indont want it”.

      • B

        The fact of the matter is sometimes abortion is the answer. Yes she shouldn’t have gotten pregnant in the first place if she didnt want the child but she did. And in my opinion it would have been better to just abort him than bring him into the world and then suffocate him. Now the families and friends are hurting and arguing. I respect your opinion but please dont make all people who support abortion sound like heartless killers. I have seen with my own 2 eyes how abortion can have a positive outcome even though it is such a horrible thing.

      • rebecca

        I ful heartedly agree with you. Children are a gift from God, they are not mistakes or accidents and they are a living baby the minute they are conceived. If you really don’t want a baby then let a barren woman adopt the baby!

      • Rachel O'Neil

        But you pro-lifers are against even TEACHING kids about birth control, what do you expect is going to happen!!! You advocate only Abstinence, which is ridiculous. And then when the baby IS born, and the parents go on welfare to support it, you call them every name in the book. Go soak your head.

      • rebecca

        Bullshit, I was a mother at 15. I have a 19yr old, a 15 yr old, a 14 yr old, a 12 and half yr old, and my 8 yr old niece. Ask any of them about what they have been taught. Also the older 3 were given their first box of condoms from me cause yeah I was s a teenager and I remember how that worked out… oh yea I see her everyday. I am pro life but I do teach my children!

      • Judi Smith

        I agree abortion is murder!! If you don’t want the baby then put it up for adoption. I pray this bitch gets life. My daughter is the same and yes at times she stresses me out (I’m a first time mom) but I could never so much as imagine even hurting my sweet baby girl. This bitch could have given the baby to family members >. <

      • justin bieltz

        Shut the fuck up with abortion is murder crap. So you should have the kid give it up for adoption (adding to the thousands of kids) who grow up to have developmental problems. Yeah that’s smart. Lets have the kid so iy be sexually touched by an adult who receives a check for housing said children. Everyone that is against abortion have never had to deal with a fraction of the problems and adoptive child faces. So a mother should raise a rapist baby? So the mom has to suffer seeing the baby everyday. Its easy to say shit when you’ve never been on the other side. Y’all are fucking dumb. Even kids that get adopted before birth still grow up to have problems. Yeah adoption is great if you want mentally fucked up children. Go to he’ll idiots. Oh wait she did t abort the kid. It had such a great life being tied up in a blanket, noy being able to breathe, suffering before dying. Oh yeah that was so much better that she had the kid so it could suffer. Gee that’s such smart logic y’all have…. do us a favor. Unless you’re adopted or you survived an abortion, then shut the fuck up. You’re making laws up for things you have no affiliate with except how you veiw it. There are plenty of people in the here and now that need help. Think about it like this. We solve the problem of rapist, child molester, abusive parents, homeless, crime, unemployment then we can start focusing on things that don’t pertain to you. Idiots.

      • Alexis

        It is when it’s a medical issue with potential death to both mother and baby extremely likely. Imagining that it’s only people who don’t want their children getting abortions and therefore everyone’s right to tear them down is ridiculous.

      • rebecca

        Alexis, we are not attacking the women that have to abort because of a medical issue, we are talking about the uncaring and irresponsible women who are healthy and abort.

      • Alexis

        I apologize. That second portion wasn’t directed at anyone here. It was simply an opinion I put out there. I should have made that clear.

      • rebecca

        That is ok. Just did not want you or anyone else to think we were attacking someone without cause. I understand medical problems, watched a family member go through that and she never did have a child of her own. They did adopt though and now have 3 beautiful, healthy children.

      • Michelle

        I think why ppl only think abortion is the only answer because they see killing the baby better rather than having the baby, then giving the baby up. I, for one, have never had an abortion, and I would rather my kids give the baby up rather than killing the baby

      • justin bieltz

        Becausr you’ve never had to deal with the hardships that an adopted child faces. (I am one). What about the suffering of that child you put up for adoption. The abandonment issues they developed, trust issues they have with people. What about all the kids who are getting sexually touched my foster parents who recieve a check for touching the kids. Yeah your logic is sooooo great. Lol. Wow. Also what about the women who get raped. They should have to raise the kid? Or give it up adding to the problems it will develope. Funny how y’all arr quick to day adoption yet none of y’all have to deal with any of harsh reality of adoption. Just shut up and let the peol let who actually deal with adoption speak out about adoption. Otherwise shut the fuck up with judging someone you know nothing about the predicament they’re in with a child. Dipshits

      • justin bieltz

        Yeah i have you ungrateful bitch. Youre ok with adoption ? So youre ok with kids being sexually molested by their foster parents (happens all the time), kids to be treated differently because of race (happens all the time), kids abused physically in orphanages, mental disabilities due to the trauma endured, other mental issues because of abandonment issues? Yeah its real easy to say give up the kid and pat yourself on the back because you think you did a good thing. In fact you fucked the kid up even more. So you go from terminating a life (where it doesn’t feel any pain) to giving a life up to suffer for 18 years and potentially set that kid up to hurt or kill others. Way to go you added to the problems we are already facing! You should feel so good about yourself. You cant sleep because of abortion, but you can sleep easier knowing that kid is with a pedophile. Great job! Idiot

    • Elizabeth

      Abortion *Is part of the problem…disturbed people psychologically think, well it’s ‘okay’ to kill my baby when it’s inside of me, she felt the same way, it was her baby’s 1st year breathing air and she decided that she just ‘didn’t want him, so she got rid of him.

      • justin bieltz

        Wow you’re dumb. She killed her kick because she saw that abortion was legal? Wtf logic is that? Please kill yourself Dumbass. So everyone that’s ever killed their child did it because abortion is legal. You’re retarded as fuck. How about she kills her kid because she didn’t want her child… end of story. I dont know which article you where reading but it says she killed her kid because she was tired of it. Not because abortion was legal. Abortion helps a lot more theb you think. Problem is you dont speak for adopted kids and the problems they faces because pf adoption. You thibk adoption is this beautiful thing because you see it hyped up on tv with celebrities (who adopted other kods not in this country thus adding to the insecurity and abandonment issues the kid already faces. They thibk to themselves how come they were not picked? Are they not as special?) They make up gp a small fraction of a percent of people. If you really feel the way you do abouy abortion then go adopt children. If you dont want to do that then you have no right to bitch and moan about what someone should do with their problem. Fucking hypocrites

      • justin bieltz

        Your logic states that Wayne Gacy killed kids because abortion was legal. Not that he’s fucked in the head but abortion is legal. You wanna tell that to all the parents with murdered children? They were killed because abortion is legal. Not because people are fucked up in the head. Im glad im not you or live your life. With that train of thought I see you have a real hard problem coping with reality, and instead dive head first into the land of delusional thoughts. Kill yourself so that the human race can progress forward.

      • justin bieltz

        Those school shootings recently happened because abortion is legal. That one dude walks into an elementary school and kills little kids because abortion is legal. Now don’t sit here and be like “that’s not what I meant” because it is. Its right there in your own words idiot. Dont try and back out of it when you know damn well thats what you meant. Its people like yourself, thats the reasons for a lot of fucked up shit in this world. You’re one o f those people who dont take responsibility for their actions and always have an excuse as to why YOU do what you do, even thoe that excuse is “people kill kids because abortion is legal”. You’re a joke to society. Hope you rot

    • CJ

      I agree abortions are sometimes needed. I had an 8 month old & was pregnant again. I had an ultrasound that said it was a healthy pregnancy. However we decided not to have another baby. We went to have the abortion done, while under anesthesia they realized something was wrong. During the process nothing was happening. They became frantic. They then did an ultrasound & realized it was an etopic (in my tubes) pregnancy. They called the hospital & had me admitted before I made it there. The lady at the front desk said to me “you are lucky to still be here because had you not come, well let’s just say we’re glad you had a CHOICE”. After getting to the hospital they informed me that there were 3 ways to terminate an etopic pregnancy. It was to late to take pills to disolve so they tried to go in through my navel & that was a no go. I ended up going through with a c-section to terminate. By the way I was 3 months pregnant at the time of all of this. I’m thankful that I had a choice because that choice possibly saved my life. Instead of looking down on people try helping them get up & adoption isn’t always what’s best for that person.

      • Me

        That’s good that the tubal pregnancy was found in time.
        Maybe you can explain something to me. What is so bad about adoption? You said that adoption is not always what’s best. Why was it not best for you? I’m not trying to come down on you. I just wanted to know why. Anyone else who had this choice and decided it wasn’t for you too can reply also. Is it to much to handle or you just didnt want to be bothered? I realize it was different for you because it was a tubal. You had no choice in that. It’s just hard for me to understand when I can’t have children myself and desperately wanted a child and there are so many people out there that just take fertility for granted and just throw it away. I am pro choice except when abortion is used as birth control. I have a cousin that had 7 abortions. I had a niece that had one too. When someone asked her to give it to me, she said, “F**k that!” Like it was the most disgusting thing she ever heard of. She won’t tell anyone why.

      • Whit

        Some people don’t want to risk putting their children up for adoption and having to wonder for the rest of their lives if their child is being treated well and wondering if they ever got adopted and worrying about any mental issues a child can get from the situation. I personally would never want to put a child through that. I don’t want children so I do everything I can to prevent a pregnancy, but if I ever did get pregnant, the only options I could chose between are parenting and abortion. Hopefully I never have to make that decision. There are already more children needing parents than there are people who want to adopt.

    • Lisa

      Yup, thought having a baby was gonna get that dude, plan didn’t work so the baby was no longer needed. She’s pathetic and disgusting. A malignant narcissist.

    • Cherish Camille

      I agree. Although I do not believe abortion should be the first go to in every situation, but sometimes it is the best choice. For the people who say to put the baby up for adoption, do you know how many kids are living in orphanages and group homes because there are more children than there are parents willing to adopt. The older the kid gets, the less likely they will be adopted. So many people claiming Pro-Life are really just Pro-Birth. They abort the kid after it is born.

      • js

        There is a large demand for babies given up at birth. They do no end up in foster homes. Those in foster homes are the ones mistreated by parents who refuse to relinquish their parental rights.

  • lisa


  • Gemine Elmore

    I want to start a organization called ” I will help you” for those women who are feeling helpless and may abandon or harm their children, where other women will temperately house and love a child until their mother gets her head together , NO QUESTIONS ASKED!
    Will someone join me?
    These children need help, and we can give it to them.

    • Steve P

      Groups like that already exist. Contact your local Catholic Church office and they should put you in contact with people provided that service is available in your area. I know here in the OKC, OK area it is.

    • Nel

      Yes! That would b great. There are respite programs out there, but most ppl dont even know about em. Also, they arent everywhere, we dont have them here where i live

    • Temera

      I can agree clearly there is something really wrong…Where is her mom..My daughter is 19 getting ready to have her first child and I’m going to be there the both of as long as it’s God’s will……She seems remorseful to a certain degree I went on her face book page and people and some comments I feel came from hurt. People fear what they don’t understand. ..Everyone loses in this situation. …REST LIL BABY…..I WILL PRAY FOR THE MOTHER♡

      • Dani

        That wasn’t remorse. She pretended as if she did nothing dressed him up after killing him and took pictures to poston facebook. First post the following morning she’s wishing herself a happy birthday and going about life as if nothing happened. Then she posts the pictures she took off his lifeless body accepting condolences add of she wasn’t the one who did it. I have no sympathy for her. Clearly this was planned

    • Cherish Camille

      Texas has the Baby Moses Law. If a woman does not want her child, she can drop them off at a hospital, police, or fire station. No questions asked, and no fear of prosecution.

  • Ms.R

    It’s so sad to hear news like this if she knew she wasn’t able to handle her child or she was feeling stress she should of given him to the father or a family member. In general A lot of women rather treat there child like crap just to get a child support check to pamper them self then to find the happiness in there own children. I’m speaking in general but also you know you having unprotected sex which can lead to a baby then next day get your butt up and get your self the morning after pill yeah it’s 50.00 bucks but you can be sure you won’t come out pregnant. I see it everyday mothers fully dressed head to toe mean while there children are dressed crapy the law has to change because it’s not fair to children.

  • Nel

    Even the best of mothers that care for a child(ren) 24/7 deserve a break. It gets really hard sometimes. Its easy for someone to think they can handle a child and keep their pregnancy. But the true test comes after you give birth. Im definitely not justifying a murder and i am anti-abortion! But as a mother i know how difficult a child can be, especially when you dont have any help. And then shes so young! There are respite programs out here for mothers who need a break, but many ppl dont about them. Also, they arent all over. We dont have any where i live. They should be in the hospitals and giving out information to new mothers. This is a sad story. I feel for the child, the mother and the families.

  • nakia

    I am a product of child abuse and there really is not a perfect answer she could have asked for help but she didn’t because she has a problem my mother had a problem too i was able to survive i learned from my situation being a single parent is hard but if you love your children you would not do something like this to them but you would also have to be mentally stable and she could not have been mentally stable to do that to her baby sometimes abortion is needed because some people have physical conditions where they can’t carry a baby.

    • Susan Carol Pilgrene

      If you have a physical problem where u can’t carry a child, I would suggest having your tubes tied,too prevent any pregnancy,why should a child have to pay the price of their life, because a person thinks abortion, would be less trouble that having your tubes tied.

  • wilbrennie

    I feel like abortion is the same thing as wrapping the baby up and suffocating him….adoption is an option or leave him at the hospital… it’s so many people who cant have children and would have love to take care of this child….For someone to post pictures on Facebook and dress this baby up before you even take him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead is sickening. She knew what she was doing and now she playing the crazy role. My condolences to her family and loved ones because if I was her childs father jail would be the only thing that kept me away from shaking her brain loose for killing her own son. So sad…

      • Jessica Beaulieu

        Exactly SIA. I get so sick and tired of hearing people compare aborting a fetus to murdering a living, breathing human being. There is a difference and if you don’t see it, there’s something wrong with you. It’s impossible to make people who are so deep-set into their pro-birth beliefs understand this though-and it’s pretty frightening if you ask me….

  • rfutty

    I know first hand how hard it is to take care of a child. I took the plunge and met and married a girl who already was pregnant and it’s not easy but never will we even think about killing him

  • Emily

    I pray for the father. Too bad she doesn’t live in Texas where the punishment would fit the crime. I pray for her soul.

  • Meredith

    She needs to spend life in prison and then eternity in hell. That poor innocent baby, there are a million people who would have jumped at the a opportunity to adopt him, but instead she kills him?! Sickening

  • Kimberly Henderson


  • nikki

    she should have given him to his father if she didnt want him anymore!! she had no problem calling the father to take them to the hospital, then she should have called him to take the baby and by the angry comments by his family members especially his sister on this pos’s fb the father and his family would have taken the baby. this woman needs her tubes tied and burned!

    • Temera

      How are you say that…yes she has killed her baby but there signs in the start if that family new the situation why did it take the death of the baby boy…I feel she need help and I’m not there to know the situation. .I know what I read but I still just feel the pain with the situation. Many thing’s could have been going on in her life .I’m sure someone saw something again before now it sad to read the judgements on here…..She is not the first are last that will face this issues. ..I have seen white women kill there kids and blame a black man….But she was sick…wow….Family should support the young people that are traveling that same road. ..Having babies is a gift from God…But they need to have a support system. …Those people saw signs I’m sure

  • L

    Why not go to some family or friends and tell them how she was feeling. I mean if she came to me and said I’m at my breaking point and I don’t want this baby anymore. I’d raise him and don’t even know this girl. Some people are too proud to ask for help and its nothing wrong with asking for help. God has to use somebody to bless somebody else. This article was so disturbing for me. I usually don’t comment. But I had to with this one. My heart and prayers go out to this family and this baby. Maybe she did have a mental problem. Because this is hard for me to understand. Maybe there was something that we all missed. I don’t know. This is so sad.

  • amanda

    For all of you that think abortion is the way.. Have you ever known why we are pro life?? That embryo is life with a heartbeat. Have you seen the sonogram of an abortion in process??? That life form sqirms in pain when they suck it out from the mother’s womb!!! There are people who can’t carry a child of their own due to health issues that would gladly pay to take care of you while pregnant and raise that child as their own… Its called adoption… You could always give that baby up if you can’t take the responsibilities of parenthood.

  • priceless

    It’s a very sad situation..but always remember not to pass judgment…no one knows what really went on or how she was feeling for her to make the decision she did…sometimes things are ment to happen wither we approve of them or not god has many different ways of working …God bless her the family and most of all the baby

  • Nish

    There is no excuse for this. I was 17 when i had my first child and 21 when I had the second I’m m now 22. Its not easy taking care of a child and i have no help at all i with my kids all day everyday and some days i do get tired and need a break. When i get too overwhelmed its a thing call nap time and i use this time to clear my mind. Ask a friend or family member to keep them for a hour at least till i clear my head

  • Lataivia Tunstall

    This is a sad story. She should have given him to the father or another family member.

  • Me

    I will never understand why parents will kill their own child instead if giving it to someone who wants a child. In their mind they come to the conclusion that just because they don’t want the child anymore no one else can have it, so I’ll just kill? Does not make any sense. And it shouldn’t be so expensive to adopt either. I’m not able to have children and we were able to have a private adoption where it was just between us and the birth mother. She didnt want anything except a loving couple. It only cost us $5000 total. These adoption places that say they are non profit are totally for profit. It should be a crime that couples have to pay $20 – $50 thousand dollars for an adoption.
    Sometimes when I hear stories like this, I wish that there was a simple procedure that could be performed on young girls that would prevent pregnancy until the woman was ready, and then have it reversed. I know a lot of people are shaking their heads at that, but it would prevent a lot of child murders. I would only think this would be good if there was no risks and very simple etc… You know….wishful thinking for a more perfect world.
    My adoption was a young mother that already had a child and couldn’t handle another one.

  • Almirah Norgrove

    This is a sad situration if she didn’t want raise her son up give the baby 2 the father why kil the baby I just don’t understand it

  • Monique davis

    honestly i think everyone needs to keep their opinions to their selves, and left GOD move in this situation, Because mental illinesses is REAL…and if you never experienced post pardum depression, panic attacks or suffer from anxiety it wouldnt be wise to speak on things you dont know.

  • Marie

    It’s sad…as a young mother I’ve experienced a lot of ups and downs from single parenting and being a teen mom but that’s was the life I chose when I chose to have a child. There are so many options and some people don’t show signs but sad thing is those that do we turn a blind eye choosing not to get involvd. We have got to do better with educating our youth on sex, guns , drugs and life in general. This saddens me and breaks my heart.

  • A

    I feel if you never had or was in a position to have an abortion you really cant say anything and your opinions mean absolutely nothing. Sometimes if not all the time adoption is not an option for those wome if im carrying a baby then I will not give it up thats also selfish but having an early abortion bc a person isn’t ready is better than having the baby then having second thoughts thats much worst. Deciding and going through an abortion is extremely difficult and im sure thoses women hv to deal and live with that decision forever. You have circumstances where abortion is the best choice for that individual. I cant stand you pro lifers

  • Zaakira

    If you know that you can not afford to have a child or that you are only mentally stable enough to have sex you may want to reconsider having children…With that being said those words are easy to say to someone who may not be on the same level as you. I don’t know anything about an abortion and I could care less about the topic everyone have their opinion when it comes to that. I am the mother of 7 and would no way shape of form cause bodily harm to them due to my strength and devotion. This individual have issues and locking her up may not be the answer. There was a woman who was suffering from post partum depression that could not tolerate hearing her baby cry. She reached out to her husband and family and finally decided to take the time to spend at her mother house while her husband cared for their child. She said that once she got back home she felt that everything was ok she was happy and wanted very much to see her baby. Once the baby started back crying she said she decided to take the baby for a ride only to end up putting the baby head under the tire of the car and running him over..She then picked him up and walked down the street carrying him in a bloody blanket. We don’t always know what is going on in someone else family we see or read the news and instantly think we know every problem and every solution. Well we don’t may God be with this young child he definitely did not deserve this to happen to him.

  • bengalpuss

    she could’ve given the baby to his dad or a family member, she chose to kill him, she deserves to be locked away for life, i don’t care about if she had depression, she even said “I didn’t want him anymore” so she knew what she was doing. RIP SWEET ANGEL

  • jasom elms

    I hope this bitch dies in jail. this bitch should never get to see the light of day again. I hope this bitch is beat every day for the rest of her life

  • bitches be on some other shit

    Bitches need to quit with abortions that just like this bitch killing a baby. I hope this bitch dies under the jail. all yall on here talking bout yall had abortions i hope yall suffer to you scandolus bitches

  • Brian Straight

    “What was the baby like? Sweet, angelic?” What kind of dumb question is that?! It was a BABY, babies really don’t have much personality beyond “sweet, angelic.”
    “He was a happy baby.”
    “A “happy baby”, and we can see that in these pictures…” (para)
    Yeah. He wasn’t one of those cantankerous always ticked-off babies!
    This is a terrible, terrible, case and the movie should have the book utterly thrown at her, but, sheesh. Can we get some decent reporting?!

  • juanita

    That’s crazy how that girl do some shit like that..smh she need to be in jail for life.. Its already enough kids getting kill at a early age.
    . Smh god will take care of her in his own way.. That shit will hunt u for the rest of her life… I have three kids that I love dearly..

  • Kim

    Abortion is still murder. Someone would have happily taken that baby. Just because our system is messed up does not make it less of a murder through abortion.

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