Man raises more than $38,000 on Kickstarter to make potato salad

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (PIX11) — All he wanted to do was make his first potato salad, so an Ohio man turned to the Internet for help.

Zach Danger Brown started a Kickstarter to raise $10 for his dish, but was pleasantly surprised when thousands of backers chipped in to raise more than $38,000.

Brown’s goal was simple: to make potato salad. He wasn’t even sure what kind to create — vinegar or mayo based?

He reached his $10 goal quickly — then exceeded it.

As of late Tuesday morning, more than 3,500 backers had supported the side dish. And he still has 24 days until the fundraiser expires.

After reaching his initially modest goal, Brown updated his account several times with new “stretch goals.”

If he reached $35, he said he’d make four times as much potato salad.

“I know $40 isn’t 4x $10, but you guys have earned it,” he wrote.

For $350, he would “make way more potato salad and probably do a third recipe.”

Now that’s surpassed the $3,000 mark, Brown said he’ll rent out a party hall and “invite the whole Internet to the potato salad party.”

While some detractors may criticize spending all the funds on an expensive snack, whatever money is raised through the Kickstarter must go toward the potato salad.

It’s against the site’s rules to funnel any funds toward charity, lest backers inadvertently support a cause they don’t believe in.

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