‘Badass breastfeeder’ stirs controversy by publicly breast-feeding infant AND 3-year-old

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ROGERS PARK, IL (PIX11) — She’s known as the ‘Badass Breastfeeder’ and this purple-haired mom insists the public breastfeeding controversy shouldn’t be an issue at all — even if one of the children is 3 years old.

Abby Theuring started her website and Facebook page to challenge the notion that breastfeeding should be confined to certain places, and reserved for certain age groups.

“If you go anywhere else in the world,” she explained .”People are breastfeeding until the child’s ready to stop.”

Today, she still breastfeeds her 3-month-old as well as her 3-year-old child.

Theuring decided to throw away any preconceptions she, or society had about motherhood, and follow her own ideals.

The mother explained the movement is about empowering women, and encouraging women to decide what’s best for themselves and their children.

She wanted to set up a community of women who shared the same beliefs, and began to gain a huge following on social media.

“It’ll be a breast-feeding party,” she said.  On Facebook alone, she has 162,000 supporters.

Now, she posts pictures of herself nursing on see-saws and in grocery stores, in order to encourage people not to feel weird about breastfeeding.

“The more it’s seen, the less of a big deal it’s going to be,” she said.

Click HERE for Abby Theuring’s website and HERE for her Facebook.



  • Mom of 4

    Ridiculous! Not from a breast feeding in public standpoint which I have done but from a why are you still breast feeding a 3 year old?

    • Your "opinion" is ridiculous

      Why not?
      if you don’t like it don’t do it but don’t judge others.

  • mrodnyc

    a 3 year old is fully capable of eating regular food, she’s just doing this for attention.

    • Dork

      What is wrong with drinking milk? Don’t you drink it? Oh, you’re objecting to an animal drinking the milk of its own species. I see. Of course the child eats food as well.

  • marie

    There are enough mommies in this world who abuse their children…and I’m afraid this mommy is NOT EVEN CLOSE to being one of them. Breastfeeding is one of the most loving and healthy things a mother can do for her child. Go ABBY!!!

  • bat

    nothing is wrong with that.If the mom and the child are ok with the breastfeeding , that is all matters.
    When im breastfeeding my 14 months old on the train with breasts covered.People look at me like they
    have never seen that. People need to mind their businesses.

  • Amanda

    Breastfeeding a toddler has many benefits for the mother and the child. Breastmilk composition changes with the child’s age.

    Also, the age of weaning can be anywhere from two to seven years of age.

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