Although the NYPD has added more cops, not everyone thinks it’s enough

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BUSHWICK, Brooklyn (PIX11)-- The streets of Central Brooklyn - like so many of the city’s traditionally tough neighborhoods, have an influx of NYPD officers working overtime to address a recent spike in crime.

It’s an issue that resonates with Bushwick, Brooklyn resident Denise Peace for three important reasons.

Three of her four children - were all lost to gun violence and Denise says two of the suspects were teenagers.

The department’s latest effort - called “Summer All Out” - entails putting newly sworn in officers on patrol, and reassigning veteran cops from their desks - to the streets.

Denise, whose two sons were murdered right across the street, one in 1990, the other in 2010, says neighborhoods are in desperate need of old fashioned community beat cop policing - with a focus on stopping violent crime.

“That’s where the beat comes from," Denise said. "You start walking in your community, and see what’s going on. Forget the one that through the paper on the floor. Just tell him to pick it up. I don’t think he should have to go to jail for that.”

Denise is referring to the NYPD’s continued crackdown on less serious crimes, including subway performance dancing and in one, sleeping on a subway car, a violation of MTA rules.

But to be clear, the NYPD intends to address misdemeanors and violent felonies.

But PBA president Pat Lynch says re-assigning officers - is not the answer.

“I think this is a band-aid approach to a real problem. The solution is simple, hire enough qualified New York City police officers,” Lynch said.

Regardless of whether it’s the result of a temporary reassignment or a permanent placement, Denise Peace says more cops in the city’s hot spots can’t come soon enough.

“I have a grandson that’s coming out of high school, Denise said. "I even had him to sign for the marines, I’m scared for him to even stay, because I’ve been through so much.”

When asked if she like his chances better on the battlefield, than in Brooklyn, Denise replied, “Definitely.”

For this mourning mother, now raising her children’s children, peace is a rare commodity in a life that sadly - hasn’t seen much of it.


  • Alicia

    This is a news site. Please proof read. It’s “threw a paper on the floor”, not “through”. Don’t depend on spell check….the word is spelled correctly, but it’s the wrong word.

    That being said…..I agree with this woman. Patrol cars are OK, but a cop walking a neat would be more effective because they are more visible and more in touch.

    • Alicia

      Yeah….auto correct also sucks…..I meant “walking a BEAT”. Sheesh… edit for comments…..

  • Madgestix

    I live in Bushwick and I have to say that I have seen cops here galore, however instead of focusing on real issues like the one in this article, they are doing who knows what that are totally irrevelant. I’ve seen them stationed in the corners stopping cars for no apparent reason doing checkpoints. I say instead of having these rookies on corners doing checkpoints on cars and other nonsense. Why not have them do something effective like patrol the streets. What really gets to me and its not that I’m being stereotypical, but they will stop a minivan (aka soccermom car) just to see if kids are wearing seatbelts instead of stopping a car that calls attention. Why not stop a Bentley or a car with loud music or really dark tints….smh. They are quick to stop a mom coming from picking up her kids, but not quick to stop a group that is loitering in a corner or a bunch of rowdy kids creating a ruckus in the streets looking for trouble. You can’t even sit in your own front stoop anymore. My sweet elderly neighbor was sitting in her chair in front of her house getting fresh air and because she didn’t have her ID with her, she was fined $50. It’s ridiculous

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