Metro-North conductors-in-training accused of cheating on safety exam

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- "Obviously they've had a tough year," William Henderson said on the latest Metro-North scandal.

The scandal reportedly involved conductors-in-the-making cheating on their training exams. According to the Daily News, nine members of the class were terminated and three others reassigned.

PIX11 News went to the MTA's headquarters in Midtown for reaction to the latest, in what has been a series of shortcomings by the MTA's Metro-North recently. "We take this very seriously. We have disbanded the training course and we have referred this to the MTA Inspector General's office," said MTA spokesman Aaron Donovan.

The MTA's Inspector General's office would not comment to PIX11 regarding the allegations that a test was stolen and its images shared via the Internet, but Henderson, who is the Executive Director of the Permanent Citizens Advisory to the MTA did talk to us.

He is mystified that those looking to be a part of the most scrutinized rail system in the nation would be so cavalier in attempting to find a shortcut to success."Obviously it's completely unacceptable to cut corners, especially on something that is safety related like learning the physical characteristics of the railroad."

However, the characteristics of the railroad in the minds of riders from events over the the past year include a deadly derailment, a loss of power that paralyzed the line, and of course long delays.

At the 125th Street station in Harlem, riders reacted to this latest controversy. "It's fair because because they should get suspended. The way I was brought up cheaters never win. It's just that simple," said James Lehrider.

Karen McDonald smirked when informed of the controversy then said, "I'm not surprised. There is always issues, it seems like they don't know what they're doing very often."

Cherokee McNally added, "I take the Metro North on a regular basis and I want to feel comfortable on the Metro North."