Pack of girls beat woman in Brooklyn while bystanders record attack

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BROOKLYN (PIX11)– A video has surfaced of a pack of girls beating up an unsuspecting woman in Brooklyn.

The violent video was posted on Facebook earlier today and has yet to be taken down.

It shows the three girls walk up to a woman sitting on a bench in Prospect Park and start yelling at her. There are a group of boys and girls standing around, yelling, cursing and even cheering them on.

The girls are seen punching, slapping and kicking the woman until she falls to the ground. Once shes down the girls get more kicks and punches in until they decide they have had enough.

Finally one man steps in to remove one girl from the attack but at that point the damage is done.

Tony Herbert from the National Action Network held a press conference on Friday about the attack, “We can’t afford for this to happen in our community. What we are asking for is the victim, we are asking her to come forward because we need to get these people off the street. And get them the counseling or whatever it is hey need. So they won’t do this to somebody else. They thought it was fun to kick them literally in their face and laugh about it.”

PIX11 has reached out to the NYPD but they have not yet commented on the video or the attack.


  • JohnG911

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  • su

    Get the help they need? about get the jail time they need! it was a crime duh the only person who needs help is the victim

  • Amos Benjamin

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