NJ mom worked with woman who viciously attacked her

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Assault victim Catherine Ferreira says she repeatedly asked her attacker to stop. (CREDIT: CNN)

Assault victim Catherine Ferreira says she repeatedly asked her attacker to stop. (CREDIT: CNN)

SALEM (PIX11)[UPDATE] – The New Jersey mother beaten by another woman worked with her attacker at McDonald’s.

Cops say 25-year-old LaTia Harris attacked Catherine Ferreira on Tuesday June 25th, in front of a group of people including Ferreira’s two-year-old son.

LaTia Harris

Salem City Police searching for LaTia Harris, 25, of Salem. Wanted for aggravated assault. (Credit: Salem Police Department)

The only person who tried to stop the fight was the little boy, the other bystanders sat back, watched and even recorded it instead of helping.

The video of the beating was posted on Facebook before it was reported and taken down.

The graphic video shows the two-year-old crying and kicking the attacker as his mother gets punched and kicked repeatedly.

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Cops say Harris also threatened to shoot the woman as well as hit the little boy.

The fight started after Harris accused the victim of spreading rumors about her and her manager at McDonald’s.

Ferreira was hit approximately 20 times, leaving her with  limited vision in her left eye, a broken nose and many cuts and bruises.

Right now Harris is facing charges of aggravated assault and two counts of making terroristic threats, but once she is caught she could face other charges.

So far none of the witnesses who stood by and watched the attack are facing any charges.


  • Lisa Overton

    1st of all – that ignorant lady did all of that for a MCDONALDS job??? In any event, there musta been truth in what was said.

    2nd of all – to do that in front of that womans child is childish, ignorant and downright abusive. She should face charges for child abuse as well. That memory will forever be in his mind, of his mommy being hurt.

    Last but not least: those ignorant ass bystanders need to be charged as well! What the hell has this world came to, when adults see a woman being assaulted WITH HER CHILD STANDING THERE AND LETTING ALL OF THAT HAPPEN??? NOT ONE PERSON THOUGHT TI COMFORT THE CHILD AND CALL THE POLICE????

    • Damien

      It’s as if they were an audience for a gladiator battle in Ancient Rome. What a bunch of ravenous vultures… It’s things like this that make me glad I’m anti-social…

      • colleen

        GEEZZ, do I ever agree with you Damien. I like you enjoy being anti-social in the sense that I worked my butt off and bought a farm so I could move away from the ratchet beastly ho’s who act this way. yes they act more like men/fighters than woman and they are proud of it!! What a cowardly ignorant bully, this woman is going after someone that is so much smaller AND has a child with her. She is LESS than an animal, being an animal would be a step up the evolutionary ladder for her. As for the little roaches that are always whipping out the cell phones when they see anything happen instead of stepping forward like men or also stepping up to human level, as they watch a 2 year old step up while they stand and film hoping for “HITS” on their videos. Next time you see one of these videos these pu$$e$ are so proud of taking, comment on the POS who took the video as well as the beast in it.. Put THIER PIC up for the world to see what kind of LOWLIFE DISGUSTING COWARD films this and does nothing to help a 2 year old and his mother.

    • derp

      If the people who observed and recorded intervened, the true extent of this nigger’s actions wouldn’t have been viewed. She didn’t even care that people were watching. She’s going to be getting jail time that she actually deserves now — if they intervened, she would not have had any jail time. If she walked away more wounded than the white woman, the media would have portrayed her as a victim.

    • patricia


  • Connie Jones

    Really that’s some kind of crap your recording her beating this lady with the baby on the side lines and their standing there like hope it never happens to any of them not even to grab the baby what pieces of crap all of rhem what has happened to this world.know one cares unless it’s them terrible hope that beast goes to jail for a long time.notice you don’t see sharpton do you just pointing out a fact.

      • realnflmaster

        If this was white on black this would be labelled as a hate crime, among other nonsense the lunatics such as Al Shaprton and Jesse Jackson would spew and get front page news on CNN. But since it’s black on white, no one cares and it only makes local news. Talk about inequality.

    • lenny

      You should be euthanized as well… your comment alone shows soooo much intelligence… NOT!.. IF you don’t enjoy the melting pot America has become go live elsewhere I’m pretty sure if you trace your roots you will find that your origins are not American. But I guess tracing your ancestors requires a bit of brain power…..

      • Babs

        Let’s see, most serial killers are white, most mass killers are white, Hitler, white, violent slave owners, white, Ku klux clan, white. Who do you think has taught the world to be violent? Whites!

    • You're Right!

      Yeah, what a dumbass… just stands there and gets her ass beat in front of her kid! What a dumb bitch!

  • Cee Tee

    Hopefully they find this young woman whether black or white, turn her in and this mom can get the justice she deserves. The poor little baby had to witness this attack and watching it because, I haven’t heard about it until my coworker showed it to me online and just watching it made me sick to my stomach and also, just the fact that nobody did anything to help this lady or her child is very, very sad. She should also get child endangerment charges brought upon her just for cursing at that child. So sad he was the only one protecting his mommy. Now what if he grows up with this hate against black people and the cycle doesn’t end which it probably never will. I’m just tired of people in this world. Some of you’ll are losing your damn minds and it’s sickening. No one wants to help anybody. Also, her family knows where she is. They need to turn her in. She’s lucky I don’t know her I would surely turn her in with no problem. Adult bullying that’s all that was. The perp shouldn’t have been displaying action with her boss then their would not have been any rumors. I’m sure this woman wasn’t the only one spreading rumors but that’s the one she wants to beat up on. That’s why she worked in McDonalds old as she is obviously no home training and just ignorant and the family is ignorant also for not turning her in. Big as she is beating up that small woman. Disgusting…….

  • danny reo

    The fact that people stood around and watched, and did nothing is bad enough, but to take a beating like that in front of your child is just sick. Hopefully someone else will find her before the police, and beat her half to death. PERIOD. If that was my mother, they would never find her again

  • Dee

    They should be a law that if you stand there and watch someone be beat without trying to help call 911 you should be charged also. You don’t have to put your life on the line JUST CALL 911!!!

    • Punisher

      Actually there is…
      Good Samaritan laws offer legal protection to people who give reasonable assistance to those who are injured, ill, in peril, or otherwise incapacitated. In some cases, Good Samaritan laws encourage people to offer assistance (duty to rescue). The protection is intended to reduce bystanders’ hesitation to assist, for fear of being sued or prosecuted for unintentional injury or wrongful death.

  • Sweetheart

    So sad to see this happen people see killing you and do shit I would call the police or kick her ass

  • Nujeruz magic

    McDonald should be ashamed having employee like this is bad for business wow this won’t happen @burgerking

  • Doris Cooper

    I am absolutely appalled at this video, this woman is a animal she shouldnt have put her hands on that woman especially since a baby was present. Rumors are Rumors. They talked about Jesus. I am hoping that the system will have other charges penned on this woman because a child was present and the people who watched on the sidelines should be charged with accessory. Everyone who watched and videotape the beating woudnt have liked it if it were someone they loved.#Neverinfrontofthechildren

  • biggurlsrock

    I think this is so horrible, that baby will probably have nightmares.

    It’s also horrible how some people are quick to pass judgement and how quickly they forget that for years they recorded blacks being murdered in front of their children, hung, beat ,set on fire, Spit on..etc and folk say around and watched like it was a spectators sport …cheered As well. I think people should think about the word animal. She is a stupid individual who can’t keep her work and private life separate. The only difference from now an then it’s how it’s recorded and broadcast. The shit is sad because as people we should be able to talk without putting are hands on each other. Praying for her recovery.

    • Eve Davis

      I agree with you 100% I have seen pictures where “White Folk” stood and cheer on the hanging of “Blacks ” that was totally innocent just for being Black.

  • Booba

    Um I notice this butch is a MUSLIM. really?, this is what they teach you In Your religion, and to threaten a child, lock her ass up and throw away the key

  • Gem

    While it is crazy that this happened and in front of her child, I can not pass judgement on this woman. I am more annoyed by the bystanders that allowed this to go down. As far as the butt whooping that was handed out, we do not know the whole story and I will defer my opinion until we do.

  • Andrew

    One concern I have that may not have been brought up: When this woman gets out of jail and is unable to find another job due to being a violent felon, who will end up supporting her and any possible children of hers financially? Are felons eligible for food stamps, welfare, etc? I don’t mind supporting decent people who find themselves in need, but I don’t want a penny of my hard-earned money going to this POS, ever.

  • Jumbybird

    This bitch needs to be stripped naked and whipped with a leather belt soaked in salt water until she bleeds.

  • John

    And the Mcdonalds employees are crying for 15.00 an hour.There are skilled labor jobs that barely pay that!! Low life trash should be giving the max for this & I’m not talking wages!!

  • Manda L. Espinosa

    I’m absolutely disgusted. Not only for the “woman” who was savagely beating another human being in front of a two-year old over GOSSIP, but disgusted by the bystanders who didn’t even have the decency to remove the poor child from the scene. To me, this is not a race thing, but it does not improve the position of African Americans who continue to struggle to prove that they are NOT as violent as portrayed. To me, this is a humanitarian issue. Why the fuck don’t we have respect for each other as HUMAN BEINGS?! Why do we find it so easy to hurt someone else physically and emotionally and no problems scarring our children in the process? I’m so fucking disgusted by everything in this video.

  • Mims

    This is a sad commentary on what we’ve become as a society. Don’t use your cellphone to call 911 to get help for the woman being attacked, use it to videotape it and put it up on Youtube.

  • vix

    There should be a law recording vicious acts like this ..whoever behind the footage of an assult , rape, murder should be charged of aiding, and abetting …especially a person should be charge as an accomplice when encouraging the attacker . what would u do if it was someone u love deeply?

  • lin

    Someone should’ve call 911, while the others pulled that woman off and held her down until the police showed up

  • Anita Marshall

    All they need is to catch one bystander & hold them accountable, they’ll snitch on the others. What kind of respect/moral or standards were u taught. Oh, none, that’s why u were hanging n the street like thugs & gang members. It’s summertime, we’ll b seeing a lot more of this violent behavior. What is the world coming to.

  • moiraesfate

    Why exactly haven’t any of the bystanders been charged as an accessory to the crime? By standing by and doing nothing, that’s exactly what they are.



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