Family continues to search for killer of Brooklyn teen two years later

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BUSHWICK, Brooklyn (PIX11) — It’s been exactly two years since Akeal Christopher was gunned down – right in front of Lupe Estrella’s ground floor apartment in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

It was a Wednesday – just before 11 p.m., when police say another group approached Akeal and his friends asked what street crew they ran with.

Moments later, gun shots rang out – and Akeal was hit in the forehead – right between the eyes.

He was just 14-years-old.

Lupe got on the ground, and immediately began administering CPR.

“I’m upset because this shouldn’t have happened. No one should experience that. No mother should be called. I was asking people to please call this child’s mother. I didn’t’ know him,” said Estrella.

Akeal languished in a hospital for two weeks – and finally succumbed to that gunshot wound – on his fifteenth birthday.

Natasha Christopher returned with her youngest son Friday evening to the very street corner where Akeal was murdered.

“You see where his name is – right here? Right here? Where they spelled his name? This is where my son body laid,” said Natasha.

This story is not just about the senseless death of yet another inner city teen, in front of several eyewitnesses no less.

“There’s a killer in this community. And this could be your child. You are waiting for this person to do the same thing to the next person. Shame on this community. Shame on this community. Because let me tell you something – he is going to murder someone else!” said Natasha.

It’s also about the street culture that for two years now and counting, continues to stifle any voice that would speak out to identify the shooter.

Natasha Christopher’s sorrow is now saturated with a seething anger over this community’s infuriating silence.

But Lupe Estrella, who knelt over Natasha’s dying son that night two years ago – says the ‘code of the streets’ – will not deter her from ‘Doing the Right Thing’.

“What I was told was, I should mind my business, because I could put my family in jeopardy. Keep shut. No I’m not going to keep shut. If that was my child – I would want something done,” said Lupe.

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