Team USA bandwagon ‘fans’ fail to name one player on roster

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) — From the perennial chant to the patriotic attire, Team USA was well represented at a massive viewing party under the Brooklyn Bridge as they faced off with Germany in the World Cup Thursday.

Fans were everywhere just about anywhere you looked. Well, they said they were “fans.”

When asked if she could name one player on the United States soccer team, Shalayma Uisho of Brooklyn was stumped.

“I have no clue,” she told PIX11 News, chuckling at her own response.

Self-proclaimed “huge soccer fan” Ken Falls didn’t do any better when faced with the question.

“Ah you got me, I can’t even name one either,” he said. “You’re making me feel like a fool.”

When it comes down to it, Americans may not necessarily revere the sport of soccer like they do basketball or football but what’s clear is that they do love their country. Maybe the more appropriate way to describe their movement would be calling it a “patriotic bandwagon.”

“I don’t know anything about soccer but I support USA and that’s all that matters,” Cheryl Stize, an accountant who works in Brooklyn told PIX11 News.

Also, the numbers are something to consider when it comes to World Cup viewership in the United States. Outside of the Super Bowl and the NFL playoffs, the World Cup has so far eclipsed this year’s NBA finals, last year’s World Series and the recent NHL playoffs.

Call it whatever you want but you can’t deny that this bandwagon is getting bigger and shows no signs of slowing down.

Well that’s if the United States starts losing.


  • John Samoilis

    There is no shame of jumping on the Bandwagon to support this great nation. Just keep watching and learning about this team and this sport. This US National team has played their butts off getting out of the Group of Death. Clint Dempsey and Jermaine Jones have suffered broken noses. They fight every day for us and do it because they love America and her people. Keep supporting the national team, Go to watch parties, buy gear and shirts, celebrate being an American. Go to your local AO chapter and watch a match. You will make many friends very quickly as they are inviting and want to grow this game and the National team support. AO has chapters in No. Jersey, Central Jersey, Westchester Co, NYC, Brooklyn, and Long Island(Nassau County). #UNITEANDSTRENGTHEN #IBELIEVE

  • Guest

    Thank you to the author of this article. I agree 100%. I’d be ecstatic to see the game grow in popularity in the US. But what happens is these people follow the hype & jump on the bandwagon not to learn about football (soccer), but to join the party. Once the WC is over they’ll never watch another football match again. If they were genuinely interested in learning about the game, then okay. But that’s not the case here. It’s annoying.

    • Exxon Valdés

      I’ve always hated it too. In Europe, everyone is serious about football, from lower leagues to top flight and on to their national teams. Here, everyone is serious about America, not football. It’s basically a mini 4th of July party to everyone and my major problem with it comes in when you get the people who act as if they totally know what is going on (unfortunately, there are many of them). I love football with a passion and I am a huge Chelsea fan, a Bayern Munich fan (what are the odds?), and a Juve fan. I pay attention to everything that goes on in the Premier League, The Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, La Liga, etc. It always disappoints me when the World Cup comes around, I see people wearing US jerseys and I can see that they don’t know what is going on. Sure, a lot more people may be getting behind the United States, but they aren’t getting behind the National Team and they aren’t getting behind football. This has always been one of the driving factors in me wanting to move to Europe oddly enough. I always feel like a fish out of water once the World Cup finishes up.

  • Bob

    The game goes back in the closet for another 4 years. Wave a USA flag and we get behind it, but very few even know what an offsides call is in soccer.

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