NJ woman beaten in front of her 2-year-old as bystanders record attack

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SALEM (PIX11) – A New Jersey woman was repeatedly beaten by another woman as her toddler son watched in horror.

On Tuesday June 25th, bystanders sat back, watched and even recorded the attack instead of jumping in to stop it.

A video of the beating was posted on Facebook before it was reported and taken down.

The graphic video shows the 2-year-old boy trying to protect his mother from being kicked while the attacker threatens to shoot her.

The fight started after the woman accused the victim of spreading rumors about her and her manager at McDonald’s.

The victim was left with limited vision in her left eye, a broken nose and many cuts and bruises.

LaTia Harris

Salem City Police searching for LaTia Harris, 25, of Salem. Wanted for aggravated assault. (Credit: Salem Police Department)

Police have issued a warrant for 25-year-old LaTia Harris of Salem.

Right now Harris is facing charges of aggravated assault and two counts of making terroristic threats, but once she is caught she could face other charges.

So far none of the witnesses who stood by and watched the attack are facing any charges.


  • Name

    not stopping a crime is assisting a crime. this bi*** of a woman could have been stopped by any one of the bystanders. not punishing bystanders for letting a crime happen should be at least fined or involve community service. its another human being ffs!

  • Dominique

    That just sad. Shows you what kind of animal that McDonald worker is. To dumb to get a real job, she a grown woman. Surprised McDonald didn’t even fire her, being that she is wearing the uniform as she commits the crime. They should have found her by know. And she makes a threat about her son.

  • Rebecca

    terrible! even worst, the fact that people recorded and entertained it… i mean just cruel… but also, viewing this from another perspective, i know this may sound a bit radical, but i think that woman might have brought it upon herself. “The fight started after the woman accused the victim of spreading rumors about her and her manager at McDonald’s”. looking at the way things went down, more then likely she got caught up in some petty drama at employment in a fast food chain… I’ve seen this time and time again where a woman with kids, acts like a teenager and fails to act responsibly, getting involved in some petty nonsense. i mean once you’ve given birth, theres a life in your hands to nurture and to protect, this may require changing old bad habits and starting at act appropriately…. gossiping and beefing with coworkers is not appropriate or safe for you or your child …apparantly she didnt take notice to that and got caught up in nonsense…. i mean its unfortunate that she had to go through that, but most of all, its unfortunate for the little boy to have to experience this… and as a woman and a mother, theres a sense of responsibility that comes with raising a child, not all women are ready to take on this responsibility …

    • Sara Khan

      Rebecca people gossip at work all the time and starts rumors too but the way she handle the problem was wrong and in front of a child is unacceptable , , the problem was at work she should of address this issue with the victim and a manager . but she acted like a big bully beating this mother with a child and you tell me what person in their right mind will threaten to kick the child on the face ? This person is dangerous to society if she can get away with this she will get away with murder because that was her intention in the first place ,.. this probably the way she was raised in her house hold violence creates more violence…

    • Jerry

      Rebecca, you are a COMPLETE idiot. No matter how you turn and twist it, no matter how many perspectives you come up with, there is no way on this earth to justify or explain, empathize or
      sympathize with this goddam gorillas behavior, none.

      • mylord50

        Gorilla huh… Let’s see how your face looks after you call her a “gorilla in her face by no means should you allow anyone to bring you to the point of risking your freedom and most likely your lively hood…but your comment about gorilla shows that you’re a ugly insecure self hating racist if this was a Mexican black Asian or whatever race other than white you wouldn’t even give a shit FYI you didn’t even have to leave your race for me to know your a white European American clown

    • Jaguar450@hotmail.com

      Rebecca, I truly hope you are not in the business of advice, because you have no wisdom to share. That McDonald’s woman is a disgrace to the Islamic religion. She is a phony and needs to go to jail. A true Muslim would NEVER ever even dream of doing what she did.

    • Amanda

      im sure you are one of the people that believe rape victims “brought it on themselves” as well. i mean they are female and they really shouldn’t do that in front of men. you are truly the most holy of them all. I’m sure your facebook is all vible versus and smiley faces.


    @REBECCA So in a nutshell, you’re saying it was the woman’s fault from being brutalized in front of her child. “She brought it on herself”… Lemme guess, you work at McDonalds, right? Anyone who could witness that and try to pass the blame over to the victim is the same kind of wild animal as the attacker. You’re the type of “person” who would have stood around and recorded it on your phone while doing NOTHING to stop it. “She deserved it, and it ain’t my kid or my problem”.

    That hood rat, piece of trash is no doubt a wild animal who should be taken down like a rabid dog. When that thing gets caught, it will do serious prison time and wont be able to ever hold a job again. Thank God for welfare though, right?

    Any civilized society would exterminate dangerous wild animals like that one. That thing and it’s kind are not human. They don’t look like humans, speak like humans, act like humans or live like humans.

    And no, I’m not talking about “black” people either. I’m talking about HOOD RAT TRASH like THAT.

    Anyone who is CIVILIZED in this country has had ENOUGH of them. Their time is getting shorter on this planet.

    People can not peacefully coexist with dangerous wild animals like that.

  • Punisher

    The ironic thing is Afrian-Americans get pissed off when you call them animals, but at the end of the day this is what you see and get from them. SMFH…😤😡😠

    • mylord50

      Animal? Haha let’s see here T.J. Lane, Manson family, Jefferey Dahmer, the Ice man, Ted Bundy the list goes on calling a a whole race animals based on a beat down or two is beyond me I think your race are animals

      • Tyrone

        Beatdown or 2? There’s literally millions of videos online of “African-Americans” chimpin/wildin out online. They’re proud of it.

    • Jenn

      Seriously ? Did you just put horribly disgusting violent terrorists in the same category as gay people ? I may as well put you in the same category as murderer while were at it because your name starts with the letter R

  • Lindsey

    Why isn’t this low life getting child endangerment charges as well? People get locked up for a plant and their lives ruined but monsters like this are aloud to be free? Boycott McDonalds because they’re all around vile. This just proves that even their employees are vile. (Not all of them, of course, but I mean, walk in one.)

  • Grace T.

    That’s crazy when bystanders won’t even help a NJ woman when she’s been beaten by another woman. SMFH!

    • Tyrone

      They’re niggers, they don’t have any moral values. They’ll record somebody killing somebody and just shout “WORLDSTARRRRR”

  • Servent

    2Ti 3:1-5
    Chapter 3
    Perilous Times and Perilous Men
    1 But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come:2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3 unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self- control, brutal, despisers of good, 4 traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away!

    • Jerry

      I would love to see this beast caught, and taken to the police and brought to justice, but I don’t
      want them to be the ones that apprehend her, I want that to be the beaten woman’s family and friends, and take the time to do this gorilla right. She looks mentally ill, but that doesn’t matter,
      the inhuman rage she displays means she should be treated like a wild dog. What a pig, and the
      messed up freaks who watched, I hope this happens to someone you love and the people just
      watch, you all deserve it.

  • Bob

    So this uneducated dirt bag was worried about her job- well now she won’t have too. I sent the article and video clip to McDonalds HQ. The police should hang out at the Unemployment Office since that is where she is going next.

    I hope they lock her and toss the key. Tie her tubes so she can’t breed. When she gets out of prison- kick her out of the country.

    • redtexasmomma

      Good for you, Bob. That’s the least this animal deserves. I hope they decide to file more charges like child endangerment, etc. for threatening the little boy. They should also be filing charges on the punks that watched and taped it.

  • Kristeana

    All of you should be ashamed of yourselfs! This has nothing to do with race, religion, welfare, poor or whatever. This is violence , its brutality and no matter what that women said it Dosent give the right of the other women to beat her like that In front of a child,then threaten to hurt the child. Human beings have watched things like that for centuries and done exactly nothing.
    All I know is, thank The Lord I was not there because I can’t control myself when an incent child is threatened and the way she hit her… Wow.. So violent.
    I hate racism , people be judged bc of there religious beliefs and just plain out hurting someone maliciously . We live in America and we all need to work together , let’s bring this women in to our justice system! She needs help , medication or something bc that’s a psycho path !

  • logic to it all

    Ok the race thing shows who animals are and how they think. You guts are turning this into a racial issue. If you want to make a fuss about race. Petition for reperations for the millions of BLACKS who were not only beaten but hung and rape in front of their children. There is noway you guys could call any race animals after all the barbaric things you have done and do as a race. Let just first remember we didnt ask to be here YOU BROUGHT US! and lets not get started on how you briught us. We were chained, bred, worked, fed, fought, and kept like animals for generations by YOU so lets not get so up set some of us have yet to evolve from the animals you turned us into it should take about 300 years to undo 100 years of hell so be patient with us. The same animals you raise fed and bred to be animals are acting as such the same animals you drug here kicking and screeming is also head of of the very country that inslaved them so some of us are making progress from the tortures of our bloodlines. Long story short do be mad and if you are take it out on the race that drug us here (oh thats you) this beating was wrong and the woman should be prosicuted theres no excuse. But lets face it that beating compared to the beatings slaves got lol the beating Rodney king got the beatings by officers caught on tape who are found not guilty even after being caught on tape are of no comparison. Some blacks have an anger thats embeded in the core of their DNA because it was bred taught and instilled in them past along generation after generation just as racism has been to you , and its all been done by your ppl funny how the trainer of animals anger when youve tortured them into becoming the beast you hate, fear and are led by.

    • redtexasmomma

      That’s a joke, right?! You did not suffer from slavery, nor do or did I have any slaves. Enough with that perpetual nonsense!!!. You say you are wanting your 4 acres and a mule that you are “entitled” to? Guess what– I’m American Indian, so I really don’t owe you squat (just like nobody else does)— in fact, YOU OWE ME!!! LMAO!

    • Cleveland ohio

      I love when black people say we brought them here how bout your own people sold slaves we didn’t kidnap anyone the African people sold there own people into slavery so how about blame your own people for slavery just shows how stupid people really are we never went to Africa and kidnapped people not saying it was right but if you want to blame someone blame your own sell out ass people who sold you but no one ever talks about that

  • larryjones

    Looks like another peaceful Muslim spreading love and joy throughout the world. Yay! And for the people who stood there watching, filming, cheering…..they should be summarily sterlized before they deposit anymore human garabge on this planet for the rest of us to deal with.

  • You're Right!

    I wouldn’t have let that little piece of shit kick me like that; there’d be two dumbfucks on the ground.

    • mark

      I put money on you are a black piece of crap just like the chick on the video spreading ignorance and violence

  • Daniel Carver

    hmmmm. I’m thinking of a word…..it rhymes with bigger…….digger? no…… Tigger? no…….. hmmmmm. can’t quite think of it

  • Name

    Fuck these NIGGERS, call me a racist till you’re blue in the face, I don’t give a FUCK about what you think. These people in the video are NIGGERS and deserve to be called as such. Fucking disgusting that we have to put their feelings before these actions.

  • mark

    so white people are not the only ones that had slaves. Black people in Africa heaven slave people for hundreds of years it still goes on. Why people are the only ones that had the sense to stop it.that being said anybody notice its a bunch of niggers standing around watching this kind of laughing about it. Most black people in urban cities spread ignorance crime and violence everywhere this kind of s*** needs to stop

  • Opinionated

    The victimization of anyone at the hands of a mean and vile person(s) is terrible, and should be dealt with to the fullest of justice. I have viewed the thread of comments to this point, and it amazes me how easily race gets injected when an interracial crime occurs. What people must understand, is that the use of the n-word or any other word to describe the attacker, is an utter display of ignorance. Sure, people have a right to be upset over such a senseless act of violence, but to make a racial issue of the discussion makes no sense. Especially in the wake of Columbine; the Tucson incident which left Gabby Gifford gravely wounded; the Colorado movie theater mass shooting, etc.There were many lives lost, and there were many impacted emotionally and physically; there is absolutely no comparison between the “beat down” and the more serious senseless acts terrorism. What I noticed about the battery of blogs that followed the shooting incidents that cropped up, at least the ones I read, was that there weren’t any condemnation of the race of the perpetrator(s) (as there should not have been). There weren’t any racial slurs used in the context of the discussions. As a black person, I will admit that a disproportionate percentage of crime is committed by blacks, which I find absolutely appalling. However, the times are among us, as demonstrated in incidents I mentioned above, where we aren’t safe anywhere. Not in the malls, schools, theaters, churches, etc. We can no longer judge who might want to take us out by skin color or race. When I’m out socially, I watch everybody, even the innocent looking teenager; my eyes are constantly vigil. If people want to be ignorant and use racial slurs and associate crime with a certain group, that is their business. At the end of the day though, they are putting themselves at risk for having such a warped mindset.

  • Amanda

    I honestly would not step into a fight between to adults in a regular circumstance but the fact that her baby was there and that she was not letting up, thats not okay. if you can watch this and not feel the need it intervene you are just a bad person.

  • Justice

    Clearly this is a matter of violence. Adding race to this is pure foolishness.

    The real question I have is this.:

    How many of you would have stepped in to help and risked getting your ass kicked as well?

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