Man posts emotional video after police shoot, kill dog

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SALT LAKE CITY — The backyard of 2465 South 1500 East in Salt Lake City was quieter than usual on Thursday, with its most popular resident noticeably absent.

“He was kind of all I had,” Sean Kendall said.

When Kendall returned home from work on Wednesday, he found his 2-year-old Weimaraner, Geist, dead in the yard with a bullet in his head.

Kendall said the dog was his best friend. (Photo Sean Kendall/Facebook)

Kendall said the dog was his best friend. (Photo Sean Kendall/Facebook)

“To me, he wasn’t just some animal,” Kendall said. “He was my best friend. He was kind of like a child. I went through raising him, training him.”

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  • Janet E

    Officers take advantage of their position and although some might think this is just an animal, it is the closest thing to a child anyone can get. I honestly hope he gets some type of justice. This is BS and cops need to wake the hell up. That officer obviously didn’t use his common sense. My Condolences to this guy. A dog is still a child

  • Wanda Baker

    Again another tragedy caused by a out of control cop better known as a stupid ignorant PIG!! This must be stopped!! Cops(PIGS) are suppose to be the ones protecting us but instead they are on some kind of power trip and they think they can do whatever the fuck they want!! I feel so bad for the dog’s owner I know exactly how he is feeling right now and how the pain is going stay with him for such a long time..That sweet dog looked like a gentle loving animal which I’m sure he was but on this terrible day he had to meet up with a cruel evil heartless monster that took his precious life because the cop(PIG) was so stupid,dumb,clueless,sorry excuse for a human being,ignorant,worthless s.o.b. on the face of the earth!! Even though money will never bring that precious dog back I hope Sean sues that stupid pig for everything he has!! Personally I’d like to see him in the gutter where he belongs!! Stick to your guns Sean you handled yourself very well when questioning the other pigs in the yard so strong and let them know that they must be punished for committing outrageous acts of violence!! I will be praying to God that he gives you the strength you will need to carry on and hopefully you will receive some peace as well..Take care,Stay Strong, and above all PRAY!!

  • Dog Lover

    The only way to stop this abuse of power is to stand up to law enforcement, sue them and cost them and their departments and the cities they work for MONEY. When they lose enough MONEY over these willful killings, they will rein in their cops. MONEY talks. I hope this guy SUES them and doesn’t fall for their fake apologies.

  • Stop Stealing Content

    Read the full story on “out affiliate”….they glaring type-o and lack of proof reading is bad enough, but does providing that link really justify your theft of someone else’s content?

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