Kim Kardashian posts revealing selfie on Instagram

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(PIX11) — Kim Kardashian posted a series of sultry selfies on her Instagram showing off her new blonde locks.

But her hair isn’t what everyone is talking about.

The reality star may have “accidentally” showed off more than she intended.

“It’s just a wig. It looks so real though right?” the new Mrs. West captioned the photo.

While some in the comments say it’s her bra, many say Kardashian’s nipple is clearly visible.

So far, the photo has been liked close to 700,000 times.



  • Peter Carey

    I thought Instagram had a policy about no nudity? Obviously it does not apply to attention seeking bimbos who probably paid Instagram to ignore policy.

  • james

    Big deal! She showed more than that in her sex tape! Anyway, haven’t we had enough of people who are famous for being famous?

  • a3738294

    “While some in the comments say it’s her bra, many say Kardashian’s nipple is clearly visible.”
    Isn’t this a news site? Why don’t you look at the picture and tell us the truth of the issue. She is clearly wearing a bra. This is a serious matter, act like journalists!

  • Michael

    Those thinking it is a nipple…get your eyes checked.
    It is clearly her bra and more than likely( forgive me women, because I do not know the correct term here), a bra that is worn while she is lactating.

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