Couple rows from Morocco to Manhattan

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(PIX11) — An adventurous couple from South Africa landed this week in New York City after rowing their way from Morocco to Manhattan.

Riaan Manser, a professional adventurer, and Vasti Geldenhuys, a lawyer, set sail nearly five months ago from the tip of Africa, all inspired by a conversation on a couch.

“She said to me, ‘I’d like to do something incredible. Let’s go to New York,’” Manser recalled.

And he agreed, but with one condition: “We go my way.”

That way was in a carbon fiber, state-of-the-art rowboat that was their home on the high seas for 74 days.

A dangerous capsizing, 1.8 million row strokes and a two-day-long silent treatment later, the couple of 14 years completed their goal.

Manser and Geldenhuys visited PIX11 News Tuesday to share their harrowing adventure. Listen to their story, above.



  • Edwina Moss

    Would this be an “adventure” if this was from Cuba to Florida? Or if they were black Africans? (Oh wait, that’s the Middle Passage.)

    I’m surprised they’re not in jail, but the woman’s a lawyer so I guess they skirted the law somehow. And then had the nerve to be on a TV show dressed like they’re going to the farmer’s market. SMH!!!

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