Parks Department to return swords to historic city statues

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — “We’ve done a lot of conversation work. We have a program called the City Wide Monuments Conservation Program,” said Jonathan Kuhn, of the New York City Parks Department.

The mission is just that, to preserve statues or in the case of the the General Warren statue at Grand Army Plaza in Park Slope, it’s to restore them. The general hasn’t been the same after someone stole his sword a few years ago.

The city is now working to replace some swords by modeling them after the original.

For example, PIX11 News examined a plastic replica of General Porter’s sword that is set to go into Van Cortland Park. It is identical to the original in every way, except in size, “We’re going to have to scale it up because the sculpture is of heroic size. The sculpture is 8ft. tall and he was probably 5’10 or something.”

As for the cost for the sword? According to the city, about $3,500 to $5,000 dollars, with most of the funding coming from donors.

Monuments are a very important part of our park system and they need proper funding.

Geoffrey Croft is the President of NYC Park Advocates. In the past, he’s been critical for the lack of funding for city parks, but in this case he applauds the efforts by the city to preserve its history. “With the little resources that the parks department has, they do a tremendous job,” Croft said.

One they hope will ensure the test of time.


To see photos of some of the historical statues that will be re-armed, check out the gallery below.

All photos courtesy of the NYC Parks Department.

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