Queens residents fighting construction of Rockaway Pipeline

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QUEENS (PIX11) — Every night, a group of Rockaway residents watches with fear and worry as work is underway out at sea for the little publicized Rockaway Lateral Project Pipeline.

“It’s doesn’t matter if it’s on federal property,” Sandra Schunk told PIX11. ” It’s still our beach, our lives.”

Residents say the pipeline has gotten little attention because it’s mostly on federal property, the Gateway National Recreational Area.

It will eventually bring 647,000 dekartherms per day of fracked natural gas from the Marcellus Shale under high-pressure, beneath the beach, under a golf course, under the Marine Parkway bridge, through Floyd Bennett Field and eventually to distribution lines of Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn.

Community board member John Gaska told PIX11, “The board approved the pipeline. We have concerns about safety but it’s a positive for the community. Gas will be cheaper.”

But Rockaway residents are still fighting mad.

“Government sometimes makes mistakes that need to be corrected,” Paul Moore, a Rockaway resident said.


  • Karen Orlando

    WPIX really does some terrible reporting. Back in 2012 the project did get some attention but not that much. There was a breaking news story via NY1 when the bill that was required for the project (HR2606) to pass through Riis beach as well as a lease of historic hangars for an acre metering station passed in the house. Back then the project was a suprise. The first public meetings occured about two months later after testimony in the senate by nps. The bill was cosponsored by two rockaway politicians. Mr Meeks and former representative Mr. Turner. Park users mainly signed petitions and wrote letters against the bill as the project is through Riis beach with the metering station in Floyd bennett. Some of those people were rockaway residents as well.

    National Grid has a corresponding project that delivers to the rockaways.

    WPIX should do a follow up and ask whether the currently proposed LNG import project with its corresponding pipeline that will tie into the existing Transco pipeline that runs from new jersey to long beach long island is related. (http://portambrose.com/project-location/ ) The rockaway project is mostly about the ability of williams to deliver gas into new york city via Riis that is currently delivered to long beach via that existing lateral. That might actually require some real reporting though.

      • Karen Orlando

        The rockaway project was introduced into prefile in FERC in 2009. The bill that was required because of the NPS park issues was introduced into the House in summer 2011 and ny1 reported on it passing in February of 2012. Testimony in support of the bill (HR2606) was heard in march of 2012 by the Senate subcomittee on National Parks. The first public meetings on the project followed in April of 2012. HR2606 passed in the Senate with an amended version late night early morning in late September of 2012.

        Early news reports that followed HR2606 passing revealed that a community board in brooklyn had opposed the project based on the siting of the metering station in hangars at Floyd Bennett and whether people supported the project or not, the bill was a surprise to most local advocates and park users.

        Liberty natural gas LLC filed for their Port Ambrose project in late september 2012.

        The Rockaway lateral/Northeast Connector projects which are the two projects Williams is constructing deliver 100,000dths of incremental supply out of the 647,000dth capacity. That is what the paperwork describes.

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