Making summer travels with kids easier

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(PIX11) — It’s not easy to travel with kids, but it doesn’t have to be hard either.

The MOMS Denise Albert and Melissa Musen Gerstein like to make everything an adventure, and do things differently than most.

Here are a few ways that make their travels a little less stressful — and could help your adventures go smoothly:

From Denise:

1. Always, always, always go to the bathroom before boarding. Before a car ride. Before taking off. ¬†Pee before — PB. It’s that simple.

PB you leave for school. PB you go swimming. PB you sit to eat. PB a movie. It’s a habit you will never have to break. A happy habit.

2. Bring food, not just a snack. Make sure you have options. I pack at least two full ziplocks for every trip. Choices are key to a successful outing.

3. Let your kids pack a mini bag. If they are older than 3, it’s easier to let them pick a few small toys to take, then throw in one or two extra item, like crayons and paper, two little figures or a travel game. This way they feel a part of the trip by bringing what they want and are always surprised by the extra goodies you added.

From Melissa:

1. Activities: I travel with lots of stickers and books and, of course, screen devices with chargers. ¬†Planes are really great now being equipped with outlets, so don’t leave home without your charger.

2. Meals: I also carry three full meals with me: breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have endured the ordeal of being at the airport for an entire day and on planes sitting on tarmacs with no food.

3. Wipes: Traveling with children — whether it be on planes, trains or automobiles — I always have wipes. Who knows who is going to throw up at anytime? And I’m always the one to clean it up.

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