Bus driver lied about Bible stopping bullets in ‘gang attack’: cops

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Authorities say Wagoner fabricated the entire attack, even shooting and stabbing himself. (Photo: ABC22)

DAYTON, Ohio (PIX11) — A bus driver that claimed the Bible he kept in his shirt pocket stopped bullets shot at him during a race-fueled gang initiation attack made the entire story up, according to police.

Back in February, Ricky Wagoner, a driver for the Regional Transit Authority in Dayton, Ohio, told police he was attacked by three black teens when his bus broke down early int he morning. The 49-year-old said the teens, dressed in hoodies and bandanas covering their faces, stabbed and robbed him before firing several shots.

“If you want to be all the way in the club, shoot a polar bear,” one of the teens allegedly said during the attack. “Polar bear” is slang for a white person.

Two of the bullets struck Wagoner in the chest, but miraculously, hit a copy of “The Message” he had in his chest pocket.

“My chest feels like I’ve been hit with a sledgehammer,” Wagoner told 911 operators after the attack.

The story with viral nationwide.

But after a lengthy investigation, authorities say Wagoner fabricated the entire story, shooting and stabbing himself.

The Dayton Daily News reports that ballistic tests proved the shooting couldn’t have happened the way Wagoner claimed. Investigators say the bus driver put the bible on the ground before firing two shots into it himself.

The Bible couldn’t have stopped the bullets from piercing Wagoner’s torso.

Police also say the stab wounds Wagoner suffered were self-inflicted. Other parts of Wagoner’s story were inconsistent and the gun traced back to the shooting was last sold to a white male a gun show, investigators said.

As for a motive for fabricating such a tale, Wagoner was in financial distress, according to the paper.

RTA is currently in the process of terminating Wagoner. He remains on paid administrative leave.