Zoo forced to adopt stray cat after it makes unlikely best friend

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A stray house cat is now the talk of the St. Petersburg Zoo after it broke into the enclosure of a European Lynx.

Instead of turning on the calico kitty, the powerful lynx decided to share its food with the hungry stray, and the two soon became best friends.

Visitors at the zoo can see the two grooming each other and generally hanging out, a rare animal friendship between one that likely wanted out, and another that wanted in.



  • Dana

    Learn people learn! from the animals! In a country with such many violence and where such many animals are being killed in shelters and mistreated by wild people, the animals are the best!

    • Jordan

      Okay.. I get this is a very cute thing but let’s NOT learn from the Animals. We like to think of this romantic view of how animals “Treat” each other but things like this are very rare. If anyone has ever owned a house cat that has ventured outside you know that animals are very cruel and careless creatures by nature, especially predators.

      My Cat used to bring me bits of other animals from it’s outings, and once it left an entire male rabbit disemboweled on our porch. My Dog also recently found herself a bird which she “Played with” well until and after it’s death.

      Animals are every bit as murderous and violent as we are – however we just have better tools to accomplish our atrocities.

  • colleen

    Jordan, I don’t know where you get your info but this is NOT a “rare” thing. Your view on this is extremely debatable however the fact that you have it in the first place means you don’t get it, and it would be a waste of time for anyone to explain it to you.

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