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EXCLUSIVE: Bakery worker alleges that she was fired over bun in the oven

Posted at 6:11 PM, Jun 18, 2014
and last updated 2014-06-18 18:11:31-04

THE BRONX (PIX11) — This was a great opportunity for me to provide for myself and my unborn child and in the long run I was fired based off the fact that I was pregnant.”

Hope Burgos is expecting a little girl in September. What she wasn’t expecting during her pregnancy was a 10-page lawsuit regarding a termination of employment.

The 25-year-old was hired at Corrado Bread and Pastry on the Upper East Side back in March. No one at the bakery knew that she was pregnant until she says, “I popped. My stomach started to show a little bit.”

Once that happened, Burgos alleges that one worker put her hands on her stomach and asked if she was pregnant. The Bronx native denied it because she wanted to keep her private life, just that — private.

Burgos then states that a week later the the owner of Corrado, Aaron Matalon, asked her in front of workers and customers if she was pregnant.

“How dare you confront me like that!” she told PIX11 News exclusively on Wednesday. “It’s completely unprofessional. You know this is my personal business. You know he’s my boss. I was almost forced to have to lie because I felt like so uncomfortable with the situation.”

Burgos along with her attorney David Gottlieb say that a week later Matalon approached her to talk about her employment, which unexpectedly was coming to an end. “He blatantly let me know that I was a great worker but that he no longer wanted me working in his establishment because I was expecting.”

PIX11 News caught up with Matalon his tony bakery where he acknowledged the lawsuit. “She was pregnant but as a result of her being pregnant she did not come to work a few mornings that she was supposed to. She’s said she’s to the emergency room and stuff like that.”

Minutes later,  Matalon defended himself. “Would you keep somebody working for you as a camerawoman pregnant that when you ready to go to assignment she’s not going to be available because she’s throwing up?”

“By the way pregnancy is not an insult, it’s not a sickness it’s not a problem,” Matalon added.

Matalon didn’t deny that he asked Burgos if she was pregnant publicly in front of other Corrado employees. “There is nothing wrong with saying ‘are you pregnant?'” he said.

Regarding Matalon’s comments to PIX11 News about Burgos missing work because she was sick, the mother-to-be’s attorney David Gottlieb said, “Ms. Burgos never missed work. There were two occasions when she asked, in advance, not to be put on the schedule for a particular day because of a doctor’s appointment. She was never told that there was any problem with her attendance.”