14-year-old stabbed to death by classmate in front of Bronx middle school

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THE BRONX (PIX11) — The school day ended tragically for Timothy Crump.

Police say the 14-year-old was stabbed to death outside of I.S 117 in the Bronx by another 14-year-old student.
The two were seen fist fighting outside of the school when the teenager pulled out a kitchen knife and began slashing Crump in his chest and side.

“The kid was in the ambulance and they was working on him giving him CPR,” said Louise Mathies, who lives nearby the school.

Lazaro Batista, neighbor of the suspect, said he suffers from mental problems and was recently hospitalized for a suicide attempt.

“He was admitted for approximately a week at Bronx Lebanon Psychiatric Hospital and he was just released three days ago before he started coming back to school,” Batista said.

He claims the teen was often bullied by his classmates.

“Everyday they would threaten him with ‘I’m gonna kill you whenever I see you’ and he always had this fear where he never wanted to go to school no more,” the neighbor added.

But neighbors of the victim, who lived in a shelter with his mom, say Crump is known in the neighborhood as a quiet kid and not a troublemaker.

“When they say him we was like oh wow he is the quietest person. That’s why everybody is in shock right now that happened to him,” said Tyrone Rivers.

People who live near I.S 117 say something needs to be done to curb the violence.

“There is always fighting out here everyday. They let them out of school; they’re on these corners, they hang around on the corners. There is always a fight,” said Louise Mathies.

“They’re gonna put metal detectors in that school because I used to go to that school. [It] used to be a good. Look how it is now,” Matthew Filpo said.



  • Merlinda Fernandez

    I hate bullies I am sick of how they act like angels at home but then act like a fake thug at school. Parents need to open there eyes and help there kids. Bullying is against the law now. And crump was not the victim he was the bully im sorry that this happened to him but he was looking for something to happen. Crump beat up this boy everyday had other students hate him for no reason pick on him and beat him as well. This boy wanted to kill himself because of crump and when it didn’t work he just did the next that came to mind. Look at all the kids that killed themselves because the where bullied. This boys parents called the cops, told school official, told the school board to transfer him to another school and nobody listened. The school and NYPD should be to blame. Its said if your child is being bullied go to the cops but they don’t do anything. I’m pissed off. But again I’m sorry how all this ended for both children. And I hope this opens the eyes to the parents of all bully’s out there…

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