Birthday party held for Brooklyn boy stabbed to death in elevator

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BROOKLYN (PIX) — The family of P. J. Avitto held a block party to commemorate what would have been the boy’s seventh birthday Tuesday afternoon.

P. J.’s father Nicholas Avitto was optimistic. “Out of everything bad something good has to come out,” he said.

P. J. was stabbed to death inside the elevator of his Schenck Avenue building in the East New York neighborhood of Brooklyn, Daniel St. Hubert has been arrested and charged with his murder.

Tuesday’s block party focused on P. J.’s life. Hundreds attended the festivities complete with music, food, and games along Schenck Avenue.

P. J.’s older brother Sharrod Jean Pierre said “It feels weird because I don’t see him out here with the other little kids, but I know he’s here. I know he’s here in spirit.”