Jihadists using social media to spread message of terror

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From one battlefield to another. Islamic jihadists are taking their actions and brutal declarations of so called victory to the masses through social media.

The video and the still photos, posted to Facebook, showing the execution of Iraq Border Guards.

The gunman, a member of radical group ISIS, which stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, reportedly even had his own Facebook page.

It’s since been taken down, but he made his point,the immediacy of social media is once again sending the atrocities of war straight to our smartphones and computer screens without delay.

Bob Knorpp is a social media commentator.

He says protestors’ successful use of social media during the Arab Spring of a 2010 provided jihadists in Iraq with a valuable blueprint.

“It also opened up the eyes of a lot of jihadists about what the power of media could be for them, and it’s become a tool for recruiting new people to the cause. And also showcasing what kind of terror they’re actually doing,” said Knorpp.

“It’s a way to amplify any message, whether it’s good or bad.”

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