Mom says 3-year-old forced to pee in seat of delayed JetBlue plane

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NEW YORK (AP) – A Massachusetts woman says she was nearly kicked off a JetBlue flight after her 3-year-old was forced to urinate in her seat.

Jennifer Deveraux tells Boston TV station WBC-TV that the incident happened Monday on JetBlue Flight 518 from New York to Boston.

Deveraux says the plane was delayed on the tarmac and her 3-year-old daughter, Summers, asked go to the bathroom.

But Deveraux says the flight attendant said, “No sit down,” and Summers urinated in her seat.

Deveraux says she got up to clean the mess and the flight attendant yelled at her again.

Deveraux says the pilot announced that a non-compliant passenger was being brought to security.

But in the end Deveraux was allowed to stay on the flight.

JetBlue says it is investigating the matter.


  • Michael Friedman

    RE” Your posting : Mom says 3-year-old forced to pee in seat of delayed Jetblue plane
    by juliapix11 The TV station that you are referring to is: WBZ-Boston not “WBC”

  • Sinbad Sailor

    In the old days, the customer was the boss. But since 9/11, we have empowered flight attendants to a ridiculous degree. Most of them are uneducated idiots who are unsuited to make decisions about handling passengers.

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