Child asked to leave restaurant over facial scars from dog attack

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JACKSON, Miss (PIX11) — The family of a 3-year-old girl with facial scars from a dog attack says they were asked to leave a restaurant because her face scared customers.

Victoria Wilcher was attacked in April by three pit bulls, according to WAPT.

She had a broken upper and lower jaw, broken nose and right eye socket. The injuries she sustained caused her to lose her right eye and paralyzed the right side of her face.

“She’s got a lot of surgeries to go through and she won’t even look in the mirror anymore,” Victoria’s grandmother Kelly Mullins told WAPT. “She’s 3 years old and she’s embarrassed about what she looks like.”

It wasn’t until last week that Victoria felt that way when she was turned away from a KFC.

She had just gotten out of the hospital and can only eat soft foods. The family stopped at the fast food restaurant to get her mashed potatoes.

Mullins says they were told to leave because her face was disrupting their customers.

“Victoria understood exactly what they said,” Mullins said. When they got in the car, Victoria cried the whole way home.

The family had set up a Facebook page for Victoria as she battled her injuries.

After the incident, the family took to Facebook to write about their experience.

Does this face look scary to you? Last week at KFC in Jackson MS this precious face was asked to leave because her face scared the other diners. I personally will never step foot in another KFC again and will be personally writing the CEO.”

KFC responded to the post, which has over 2,000 shares, to apologize.

Please accept our sincere apologies while we try to investigate this incident. If you could help provide details of the incident at and we will look into this immediately. We have zero tolerance for any kind of disrespectful behavior by our team members. Once we have further details, we will immediately investigate this and take action, and we wish nothing but the best for Victoria in her recovery.

The family has received overwhelming support and response on social media.



  • Cartus Darmon

    I’m French and this story has just reached this side of the planet. I’m not Robocop or this sort of cold-hearted he-man but neither am I a very emotional guy. Nevertheless, this story made me cry – really – because this little angel did not deserved that sort of inhuman treatment. Was she born just to be stinking beasts victim ?

    Shame on the customers who demanded her to be repelled, shame on them all. As for KFC I hope the company will lose plenty of eaters right now.

    As far as I’m concerned, trust me mates, I’m already spreading the bad news both around me in France and in Japan where I’ve been living for a long time.

    And for the first time in my life, I will let the Bible talk for me:
    But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

    Matthew 18:1-6

  • brandon

    she is still such a pretty little girl I cannot believe that any one could be so crass as to make a point to ask the manager to ask them to leave. I also think the manager should be run out of hi position or even have the store boycotted and cause them to have to close their doors. I am well aware of the loss of jobs to the employes at the location but lets think about how this little angel has now been scared physically and mentally. Maybe by so negative out come it will oopen peoples eyes to a little compassion.

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