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Family, friends find body of missing LI mom Sarah Goode in woods

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MEDFORD, Long Island (PIX11) — The body found in a wooded area  Thursday evening is that of missing mom Sarah Goode, family and friends confirm to PIX11.

A member of a search party looking for the 21-year-old discovered a body near Camden Court in Medford.

“If you know who you are and did it, then come forward and confess,” said Goode’s friend Crystal Ryan. “It’s not fair to us that we have to go around worrying that you’re still out there.”

Goode, who has a 4-year-old daughter, vanished after watching a movie at a friend’s home in Shirley late Friday evening.

Although police will not yet confirm if the body found is indeed Goode’s, friends and family have little doubt.

“It wasn’t the police that found her. It wasn’t anybody else. It was a search party, her family and friend,” said friend Melanie Molina.

According to those close to the search, the body found had tattoos that match ones Goode had, including a tattoo of her daughter’s name on her shoulder blade and a flower on her foot.

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Her family reported her missing June 8, after becoming alarmed when they couldn’t get in contact with her.

Her car was later found in the woods under suspicious circumstances, Suffolk County police said.

The medical examiner is working to confirm a cause of death for Goode.

Goode’s death is being investigated as a homicide, authorities said.

As police continue their investigatiom, rumors are running rampant, some saying they may know who did this and have even spoken to detectives for houses.

Suffolk County police however will not say whether they have a suspect or even a person of interest at this point.

“There are so many people in this world who love that girl and it’s just not fair and she didn’t deserve that,” Molina said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Suffolk County Homicide Squad at (800) 220-TIPS.




  • ilovebulldogs

    I hope Suki has another insensitive interview with Sarah’s family, just like she did with Avonte Oquendo’s mom. Asking Avonte’s mom “how she feels” when watching her son run out of the school. Sukana, you are a mom, how would YOU feel. I do NOT watch PIX11 News anymore! #shameonyousuki

  • BillyKid

    Hey Suffolk County police force, keep up the good work. Maybe the monster responsible for this is the same person(s) that you have yet to apprehend: the “Long Island Serial Killer” that’s still on the loose. Keep up the good work in protecting your citizens/residents.

  • justmeonlyme

    Ilovebulldogs….you won’t watch but you read their news site, ok, you are contradicting yourself. SMH.

  • Lola

    All for constant reporting and communication here, but could we at least have the facts straight? Sarah’s car was never “found in the woods.” What kind of reporting is this? Even if you bothered to look at a picture of the car when it was located, it is easy to see it is on a street. If the car was found in the woods, how did a neighbor call the abandoned car in to police? Are you saying the neighbors lived in the woods, too? C’mon!!

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  • jerry

    An acquaintance of Sarah, a fellow by the name of jayson flores @_thehighlife on twitter posted some pretty incriminating public posts on his Twitter account. He re-tweeted a post by Sarah the night of her disappearance. The day before she was killed he posted a cryptic warning stating to anyone to whom it might apply: “you cant come & go as you please in my life”. The other very cryptic message came the day after Sarah was killed: “saand man”. with a picture of sand on a beach. Was he gloating about putting someone to sleep—permanently? odd.

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