One-day No kill event at shelters encourages pet adoption

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NEW YORK — If you ever had the urge to expand your family, there’s no day better day than Wednesday as animal shelters across the country are taking part in the “Just One Day” event.

In the event, shelters – including the Animal Care & Control in New York – are extending their hours and holding off on euthanizing any animals in an effort to encourage adoption.

“You know the reality is – if for one day, one person fostered, one person gave one dollar a day, or if one person adopted – we can drastically reduce the number of animals that get lost in the shelter system,” Damion Sanders, an adoption counselor at the AC&C’s East Harlem site, told PIX11 News.

When you look at the numbers – they are staggering.

According to the AC&C, their shelters take in nearly 30,000 animals a year which translates to 80 animals a day.

From being abandoned to owners parting ways because of a move, shelters become just a pit stop for the fortunate and sadly for others, their last stop.

“While they do not have a time limit, we have to get them out as soon as possible because if they become sick, not every dog’s immunity is the same,” Sanders said, explaining the need for adopters.

For nearly a decade shelters in and around New York City have been working with the Mayor’s Alliance to make the Big Apple a no-kill community. It’s a plan that will hopefully be a reality by 2015.

To get more information on adoption through the AC&C, visit their website.


  • Donna Fischer

    And they killed dogs too that day….very hard to adopt at ACC, I was there on Maddie’s Free adoption Day and was turned down…why? because it was free..they make more money for dead bodies than live….this place is a slaughterhouse! Need to investigate them like yesterday!!!! Lot of shady business going on with these people and no one cares…

  • daniela caschera

    Your story about the no-kill day is just a lie, one of the many ones….even no list was published on 11th, anyway 12 cats were killed on June 11th, all of them from the list of 10th of June. So, you can not say that you have respected the no kill-day. Liars!

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