Breakin’ up is hard to do: Brooklyn man tries for 2 years to file divorce papers

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) — The old Neil Sedaka song says “breakin’ up is hard to do.”

Lyndell Howard of Brooklyn knows that all too well.

He and his wife have been separated for eight years. She has the kids in North Carolina. And for the past two years, he’s been trying to formalize things with a divorce. He paid an attorney $750 but says so far he’s gotten nothing.

“Every time we go over there he give me some cock-a-mammy story that he sent the papers off. He gave me some paper. He didn’t give me nuthin!” Lyndell said.

HOWARD: “Does your wife have a boyfriend?”
HOWARD: Are you seeing somebody?”
LYNDELL: “Yeah, I got a little friend.”

Lyndell just wants to get on with his life. So we went to visit his attorney, Menez Jean-Jerome. The lawyer wasn’t in and I had trouble understanding him when I got him on the phone. So I went back the following week.

And when I went back, Mr. Jean-Jerome was happy to show me the receipt. He’d filed the papers just about the time we got involved. The attorney gave me a copy and I brought it over to Lyndell.

Lyndell is now a happy man on his way to being a free man.

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