Watch: Beach beat down over alleged drone peeping

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MADISON, Conn. (PIX11) – A beachgoer thought she was stopping a disturbing crime in progress, but instead found herself in handcuffs.

When Andrea Mears saw a man piloting a drone at a public Connecticut beach, she thought he was surreptitiously taking pictures of bikini-clad women, so she called the police.

But in the time it took them to respond, the woman handed down her own brand of justice. And it was all caught on camera.

“You shouldn’t be taking pictures of people on the beach!” the woman says, lunging toward the pilot.

“You wanna stop assaulting me? Get away from me,” he tells her then yells for someone to call police.

A video of the dust-up was posted to LiveLeak Sunday. The poster notes the beach beat down happened May 12 at Hammonasset Beach State Park in Connecticut.

Calling the drone enthusiast a pervert, the woman rips at his shirt, punches him and knocks him to the ground. Next, she can be seen locking legs with the pilot in what looks like a wrestling hold.

The 23-year-old Mears was arrested on suspicion of assault and disturbing the peace, authorities said.

Ironically, it was video taken on the ground – not from the air – that gave police the evidence they needed to take her into custody.

Drones first flew into the spotlight for their roles in military missions and have since provided fantastic aerials of everyday places, turned into expensive toys and became a novel delivery method for Amazon packages.

There are no definitive laws in place from the Federal Aviation Administration regarding the flying devices, often leaving citizens and law enforcement alike unclear about what is legal and not.

A beachgoer who suspected a drone pilot of taking pictures of bikini-clad women at Hammonasset Beach State Park in Madison, Conn., confronts the drone enthusiast. (Photo: LiveLeak)

A beachgoer who suspected a drone pilot of taking pictures of bikini-clad women at Hammonasset Beach State Park in Madison, Conn., confronts the drone enthusiast. (Photo: LiveLeak)



  • Adam

    That last paragraph is ridiculous. To whom is it unclear that photography on a public beach (whether using a drone or not) is perfectly legal? Crazy people can’t treat public land like their own private sanctuary and dictate what other can and can’t do there.

  • Christopher

    It was not “peeping” and can not be “peeping” considering it is a public place and it is perfectly legal to do any kind of photography in a public space. Nice try at sensationalism, but #fail.

  • fred

    Man? This is a 16 year old boy. An adult battered a child, and this news agency calls it justice? Terrible journalism.

  • Christopher

    Wow, this is coming from a news agency? The small picture in the video shows the feed from the plane, there was no peeping. This is an adult attacking a 16 year old kid, but it is being played for laughs? The kid was smart. If he had hit back just once, if he hadn’t been videotaping this encounter… he would be the one in handcuffs. I don’t expect a lot from these kind of media outlets, but thanks for reminding me to be expecting even less.

  • Randy

    This woman attacked a boy based on her sexist prejudice that any male person with a camera is a pervert. She used her female privilege, knowing that if he fought back to defend himself, he would be regarded as the aggressor. Even when he asks politely for her to stop, she continues, and she even thrust a finger or two into his mouth, to pull on his cheek. Except during a rescue, when is it ever OK for a strange adult to stick their fingers into a child’s mouth? Who’s really the pervert here?

  • Guerre

    “a woman thought”.. this is somehow justification for assaulting a kid playing with a helicopter toy in a public place? And why use “beat down” instead of “assault”, that sound cooler or something? This article is sexist garbage.

  • Sadie

    This is a terrible case of ‘sensationalist’ journalism at its worst. Watching the two newscasters is even so embarrassing that I cringed when I listened to them use false accusations and place the blame on the 16 year old kid. Who in their right might justifies (and advocates) the injuring of a 16 year old. EVER?! This is wrong on so many levels. The police are there for a reason. Assess the situation. Know the laws and if any are being violated. Then act accordingly. The adult acted un-adult like and displayed a terrible narcissistic disorder. She acted as judge, jury, and executioner. SHAME on this adult. SHAME SHAME SHAME. NEVER HIT A KID. If you watch his previous drone videos, he literally is just flying in circles around the area: You can barely even make people out on the beach. What’s even worse? The amount of people that are just walking by. Not doing anything while a person assaults another human (child) being. Shame on everyone just walking by not doing anything.

    Worthwhile to get your news from another site. This author is biased, the news anchors obviously didn’t do their homework (and are biased), and writers who put the story together obviously didn’t do their homework either (reflecting a over-inflated mass hysteria pervert culture). Shame all around to these ‘journalists’, if you even want to call them that. Shame on the adults as well. Shame all around except the kid who was minding his own business having FUN. What kids are supposed to do.

  • Thomas Stratford

    In the world of lunatic feminists, women that parade around nearly nude on public beaches are allowed to castigate men that dare look at them, and label them perverts. Here in Florida I live up the street from the beach, and take lots of pictures of scantly clad young women. I have had to inform some of the dizzier ones that people have no rights of privacy on a public beach.

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