Carriage horse breaks loose in Central Park, nearly runs down pedestrians

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The horse was not injured.

NEW YORK (PIX11) — A carriage horse reportedly broke loose in Central Park Monday, charging at people and getting into a collision with a taxi.

The horse broke free from its bridle at about 5:45 near 59th Street. Startled, the horse began running through Central Park, according to a Teamsters spokesperson.

According to police, the horse began running at people.

The horse also reportedly ran into the street, getting caught in an open taxi door.

Mets outfielder Matt den Dekker tweeted that the runaway horse nearly ran him over.

The horse was eventually re-bridled and taken back to its stable.

“Neither the horse or any people were injured in today’s incident. What you saw is the industry’s professionalism. We knew where the horse would go, corralled it, and brought it back to the stable,” said carriage driver and industry spokesperson Stephen Malone.

This latest incident comes as Mayor Bill de Blasio and animal-rights activist continue to fight to ban the practice of horse drawn carriages in New York City.

De Blasio has said he would want to replace horses with antique vehicles.



  • yourbigapple

    This could happen to a police officer on horse back just as easy.

    Robin Sherman-Epstein

    Sent from my Samsung Epic™ 4G Touch

    • Clarence O'Reilly

      Who has made that suggestion and what evidence do you have to support it? Perhaps in the time that it takes you to satisfy the burden of proof, we can expect several more needless horse carriage accidents in our fair city.

    • Mary

      So you are suggesting that the carriage driver leaves his horse unattended while people mess with it? Very responsible!

  • The Paw Report

    “We knew where the horse would go, corralled it, and brought it back to the stable,” said carriage driver and industry spokesperson Stephen Malone.

    Ms. Malone, please do not refer to the horse as an “it.”

  • Siena

    The words Professionalism and Horse Pulled carriage cannot co-exist. It’s pure abuse to the animals. NYC sucks for letting this happen.

  • Joe

    Ya gotta love how the industry tried to spin this into a good thing. As if we should thank them for corralling their out of control horse before it killed people. “Professionalism”? sounds more like amateurism…

  • Michelle

    As it turns out, the statement that Mallone gave above is completely misleading. The horse carriage people didn’t stop the horse, a passing cyclist actually caught the horse and stopped it before it did any more damage. It’s incredible that Malone tried to give his guys the credit and didn’t mention this good samaritan. See the Daily News article for verification of what I’m talking about.

  • John

    Horses could be so dangerous and l can’t believe still they are operating in a busy city like ny . Yesterday no one did get hurt but eventually someone will … Take a action dear mayor ,

  • Sharon duffy

    Horses when frightened do my target people to run at, they are “running blind” in the vernacular of horse world nomenclature. Fear causes them to overreact to what they surmise is a dangerous situation. It is pretty impossible to control any horse under these circumstances. This is an industry that is outdated and needs to end.

  • lisa

    Horse drawn carriage rides are cruelty to the horse and dangerous to cars,riders and pedestrians. Its day is over and the city needs to close it down before people get killed by animals that have no place being forced in all manner of terrible weather to navigate crowded roads. Common sense please NYC!!

  • T Jones

    Frankly, this polluted, privatized, overcrowded city is much less than ideal for HUMAN habitation and transportation, let alone that of horses. If not for our economic obligations, I imagine many of us would prefer to steer clear of the carcinogenic fumes, cramped quarters, deafening, obnoxious car horns, litter and feces-smeared concrete jungle.

    Unfortunately, as long as capitalism is king in this anthropocentric world, people will be more than willing to sacrifice their own health and well-being as well as the health of other beings to ‘get ahead’. The horses are merely a sentinel indicating the risks of our own exposure, both physical and psychological. From the banker’s business to the taxi driver’s carriage, perhaps we too could all free ourselves from our bridles for but a moment to experience a sliver of pseudo-freedom.

    As money gets tighter than the time and space we live in, we’re no longer free to roam. This is the culture we have chosen. Aren’t you appalled? Free the horses! Save the humans! Damn the queen!

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