Local Holocaust survivor talks about survival, the importance of D-Day

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New York (PIX11) – Roman Kent told PIX11 News: if you had somebody with you, it was a key factor in survival in concentration camps. He had his brother. They risked their lives in concentration camps to be together, and they survived the worst of the worst.

Kent didn’t have access to phone, newspapers, or anything. He didn’t know D-Day was happening.

He recalled to us the day they came for him.

“They took us. We wound up in Auschwitz,” Kent said.

But, he didn’t know it was D-Day 70 years ago. That’s because  about five years before, his life was taken from him in Poland.

“No, no. Most of the people did not know they were going,” said Kent.

He said, we must never forget what happened in the camps — to speak up when we see injustice. Don’t just let it happen, he pleaded.

“If you see injustice speak up, do something,” said Kent.

We met Kent in his Manhattan apartment. He is an accomplished author, speaker, a father and also a grandfather, among other things.

Roman Kent and his wife, Hannah, are both Holocaust survivors.

Roman Kent and his wife, Hannah, are both Holocaust survivors.

His wife Hannah is also a survivor. Their love for each other is inspiring.

Despite the terrible times he went through, Kent continually tried to point out the positive to us. In the darkest of circumstances, he said there were so many heros.

“Even in the time of the murder, killings, for no reasons, there were some people that fought against it,” said Kent.

Kent recalls one instance in a camp that he believes kept him alive. He told them he was as strong worker, and so was his brother. He stayed alive.

“It seems to me that we are giving so much thought to remembrance that we are forgetting that remembrance is very important, but doing is more important than remembrance,” said Kent.

When asked  if he thought it could all happen again, he answered “yes, yes.”

Kent just received an award from the German Council. A special honor to him.

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