Mystery creature devoured 9-foot great white shark: scientists

Scientists are trying to find out what mystery creature may have eaten a large great white shark.

(PIX11) – The large great white shark’s name was Alpha, but it apparently ran into a much bigger animal in the waters off the Australian coast.

Scientists are trying to figure out what could have possibly killed the 9-foot predator after its tracking device was found washed up on a beach.

“When she first came in, she came in with a real swagger,” said filmmaker Dave Riggs who was documenting the tagging process.  “She was three meters long, didn’t have a mark on her.”

After a beach-goer found the tag four months later, the recorded data told a dramatic story.

Early on Christmas Eve, the shark’s tag plummeted nearly 2,000 feet into an underwater canyon along the Continental Shelf.

After the drastic change in depth, the temperature on the tag rose quickly – jumping from 46 degrees to 76 degrees Fahrenheit.  The temperature change could only have been the result of the tag ending up in another animal’s stomach, scientists say.

But what creature could have eaten this ferocious predator?