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First date ends with woman getting buried alive: report

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The woman's date allegedly panicked when she collapsed, then decided to bury her in his backyard. (Photo: Thinkstock)

(PIX11) — A French woman that had planned her first date with an internet love interest for weeks reportedly wound up dead after being buried alive by the potential boyfriend.

Mina El Houari, 25,  flew to Morocco from southeast France on May 19 to meet a man she had been conversing with for months over the internet.

Sometime during the date in Fez, El Houari, who is diabetic, collapsed, according to reports.

Her date, who has not yet been identified, told authorities he panicked, believing El Houari had died and decided to bury her.

The man hastily buried the love-lorn woman in his backyard garden, failing to realize she was still alive.

El Houari’s family filed a missing person’s report with Moroccan authorities, who eventually tracked down her date.

The woman’s muddy pants and a shovel were found before authorities unearthed her body.

After confessing, the man has reportedly been charged with manslaughter.

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