Watch live: Daredevil Bello Nock performing high wire stunt in Times Square

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — There’s a new attraction in Times Square.

Bello Nock, “The Ultimate Daredevil,” is attempting Tuesday to set a world record in the NYC hub.

For eight hours, he’ll be perched three stories above Broadway, balancing on a high wire all while taking live interview questions from around the world.

Sitting on a plain wooden chair with no cushion so he can feel the movement of his seat, Bello said he’s constantly making balancing adjustments and trying to keep his feet from falling asleep.

Tuesday’s eight-hour feat began at 7 a.m. He’s gunning for the world record for “longest continuous interview on a wire.”

The product of seven generations of entertainers, Bello has made a name for himself with his death-defying stunts, including hanging by his toes from a helicopter hovering over the Statue of Liberty, repelling off of Madison Square Garden and wire-walking over the length of a cruise ship at sea.

The stunt will stream live on To watch it, click here.

Viewers and fans can send their questions — ranging from his signature upright quaff to his time on Broadway —  to Bello via Twitter using the hashtag #TheUltimate, or sending a message to @BelloNock,

One person asked if the performer had any pre-stunt rituals. Bello said he tries to “slow everything down” and contain his excitement so as to not pump out too much adrenaline and crash before it’s time.

bello in times square


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