Watch: Toddler asleep at wheel of toy tractor circles for minutes

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NORTH CAROLINA (PIX11) — An adorable 2-year-old boy played so hard that he fell asleep at the wheel of his toy tractor — or rather, on the wheel.

Cameron Hughes was caught catching some z’s while driving his tiny John Deere replica in Tabor City, North Carolina, the Daily News reports.

His mother Jessica Hughes  told the Daily News that Cameron loves tractors, and “probably owns every John Deere toy there is.”

Hughes said her son was exhausted after a day of fun playing in the pool. While sleeping in the driver’s seat, the little boy safely drove in circles for at least three minutes until his mom called his name.

The sweet video has garnered nearly 171,000 views as of Monday shortly before noon, with many commenters throwing in their quips about the boy’s driving skills.

“Still a better driver than most on the road,” YouTube user Matthew J. Boone joked.

Watch video of the sleepy driver, above.

Cameron tractor

This precious toddler was lulled to sleep by the motion of his toy truck and the hum of the toy. (Photo: Rustydynamite via YouTube)

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