‘Swab-a-thon’ will help dogs up for adoption find a home

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Dog Park in Massapequa

A DNA swab will help give a potential owner a better idea of the temperament of mixed pups like this one.

NEW YORK (PIX11) — While it’s popular to give a puppies presents during the holidays, you might find that adopting in the springtime serves as a much better option.

When you first adopt a dog, you’ll have some serious training to do. With a longer stretch of warm weather on the horizon makes it much easier.

The Wisdom Panel’s “Swab-a-thon” tour is helping shelter dogs across the country by testing their DNA in an effort to find the best “forever homes” for them.

Within each dog’s DNA is evidence of their heritage in specific breeds. Each specific breed has specific temperaments and likes and dislikes.

With the information gathered from each dog’s DNA, “swab-a-thon” will be able to get a clear picture of what an ideal owner will be like.

So far, the tour has stopped in seven cities and partnered with seven different shelters to test the DNA of nearly 70 shelter dogs  – and 70% of the dogs we have tested so far have been adopted.

On May 31, the Swab-a-thon will be in the NYC area at the New York Amazing Pet Expo at Nassau Coliseum.

PIX11will be showcasing shelter dogs that have had their DNA tested and are available for adoption.

We’ll also be offering consumers on-site dog DNA testing for a discounted price so that dog lovers can learn more about the dogs they already have at home.

Celebrity pet expert Harrison Forbes will be available in-studio, discussing how to choose the right dog for your lifestyle as well as the do’s and don’ts when adopting a pet in the warmer months.

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