Orphaned kitten adopted into mama dog’s family

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animal haven roadhouse

Roadhouse, an orphaned kitten, snuggles up to her adopted Maltese siblings at a New York City shelter. (Photo: Animal Haven via Facebook)

NEW YORK CITY (PIX11) – One of these fur balls is not like the other.

An orphaned kitten has found her family in a litter of puppies recently born at a New York City shelter.

Roadhouse’s black fur stands out starkly against her surrogate mom’s white coat while she nurses alongside her adopted puppy siblings.

Earlier this month, the Maltese mama – named Coco – gave birth to a litter of puppies at Animal Haven, much to the surprise of shelter workers.

roadhouse animal haven

Orphaned kitten Roadhouse snuggles with her new puppy siblings at a New York City shelter. (Photo: Animal Haven via Facebook)

Roadhouse was found orphaned. She was brought to the shelter and gravitated toward her new, unlikely family.

Coco “is a wonderful mother and her puppies are healthy and strong. So when an orphaned kitten named Roadhouse was brought to the shelter, Coco was more than happy to welcome her into the ‘family,’” the shelter said in a Facebook post Thursday.

The adorable family — puppies and kitten — will be available for adoption in about three weeks, the shelter said on its Faceboko page. Animal Haven is located near Centre and Broome streets.

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