Was 50 Cent’s terrible first pitch the worst in Mets history?

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50 cent throw

50 Cent, about to throw one of the worst first pitches ever at a Mets game.

CITI FIELD (PIX11) – Rapper 50 Cent threw a stunningly terrible first pitch at the Mets game on Tuesday night, but was it the worst ever?

While 50 Cent managed to nearly bean an oblivious photographer square in the face, Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate, of Howard Stern Show fame, actually did hit an umpire.

Then there was Mariah Carey, who teetered out to the mound in high heels and tiny, pink shorts.  Her pitch at least made it to the catcher, eventually.  So whose pitch was the worst?  Here’s the video, you decide:

Finally, for all you trash talkers, 50 Cent had some choice words after his embarrassing first pitch (Warning: Graphic Language):

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