Boy celebrating fourth-grade graduation served alcohol at restaurant

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AVON LAKE, Ohio (PIX11) –– Parents of a 9-year-old boy said they were horrified after their son was given — and drank — alcohol at a chain restaurant.

The boy’s mother took him to a Cheesecake Factory in Crocker Park, Ohio, last week to celebrate his fourth-grade graduation, his father — who wished to remain anonymous — told PIX11 News sister station FOX 8.

The boy’s mother ordered her son a non-alcoholic pina colada.

“Halfway through the meal, (my son) started feeling sick,” the father told FOX 8, “started to complain about his head and his tummy, (wanting) to throw up and so forth. So (his mom said) let me take me a look at this drink. She started to take a look and when she smelled it, it had a smell of rum all over it.”

Emergency crews were already there by the time the father made it to the restaurant.

“He could not stand so I had to carry him to the car. Got to the car and took off for the ER,” the father said. “And he’s telling me, ‘Daddy why is the room turning? Can you do something about it?’ All I can do is hold him and I feel very helpless.”

The father said his son spent the night in the emergency room while he received fluids and medication.

A spokeswoman for the Cheesecake Factory said they are looking into the matter, saying it was not their intention to spike the child’s drink.

“It is always our intention to serve our food and drinks accurately and are deeply sorry for this unfortunate mix up,” Alethea Rowe told FOX 8 in a statement. “We are conducting an investigation to assess exactly what happened and to ensure that it does not occur again. We are thankful to hear that our guests’ son is doing okay and has returned to school.”

Police responded to the restaurant, but no charges have been filed against because of the lack of criminal intent.

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  • ccc

    Maybe don't order Pina Coladas for your kid? It can be too easy to miss the virgin part of the order in a noisy restaurant.

    • Jonasfangirl21

      Oh sure always the parents to blame. It was a big deal for the child to graduate another year of school and maybe it was moms idea to say hey look you're not a baby anymore I'm gonna order you a big boy drink. I bet the mom love Pina Colada like my mom does. (I love them too) I bet he wished he could have one too so mom says okay and says a non alcoholic one for her baby. Accidents and mistakes happen but too rub the mistake in someone's face is cruel. I've made many mistakes in my life and its very hard to forgive yourself for stupidity.

  • nnn

    Whats the big deal? So the kid has a little alcohol before they realize the mistake. Comp the drink and give an appetizer, then work with your staff to make sure it doesn't happen again.

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