WATCH IT: Tornado tears through North Dakota oil patch camp

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NORTH DAKOTA (CNN/PIX11) — Amateur photographers captured a scary scene with their cell phones as a massive North Dakota tornado bore down on them.

The tornado touched down at an oil patch six miles south of Watford City, destroying workers’ trailers and injuring 9.

North Dakota tornado

Dan Yorgason also captured the tornado ripping through the trailer complex. (Photo: CNN)

The twister ravaged an area outside of the severe-weather risk zone.

8 trailers have been destroyed and 8 injured victims have been treated and released.

North Dakota tornado2

Dan Yorgason’s video captured the force of the storm shaking a white pick-up truck. (Photo: CNN)

There is one person who was critically injured and still in treatment, according to officials.

McKenzie County Emergency Management Director Jerry Samuelson is leading efforts to go through all the debris from the storm.

North Dakota tornado vortex

Yorgason’s video captured the shocking, immense vortex of dust and debris just feet away from him. (Photo: CNN)

Though Samuelson’s team is still searching the rubble, they don’t believe anyone else is missing.

(The following video contains strong language)

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