@HiddenCash sending Twitter users on scavenger hunts for cash

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SAN FRANSISCO (PIX11) — A mysterious, wealthy real estate developer is setting Twitter ablaze, sending users on scavenger hunts to find envelopes filled with cash.

The account, @HiddenCash, was created just last Thursday, but already has over 93,000 followers.

The account posts clues as to where the money can be found. So far, the hunt only seems to be in San Fransisco.

Some envelopes contain 20s, while others have several $100 bills stuffed inside.

$5,000 has been claimed by lucky people.

The elusive donor told PEOPLE, “There is nothing wrong with donating money to a traditional charity, but I also wanted to donate in a more spontaneous way.”

The man added what he loves most is that people who find the money are sharing it with others.


“They’re posting that they’re sharing the money they find. They’re buying lunch for their office or sharing most of it with fellow beachgoers.”

He also said he has plenty more money to keep the game going.

“I want this to expand to other cities,” he told the magazine. “I want this to become a movement.




  • Lynne vezzuto

    I wish this nice person can donate a lil to me i work hard but never has any money to do anything for myself. Since my dads gone a yr now im so lost.i just want to feel like a princess again

  • Kenneth

    I wish this was in NJ since it's not the story it not that big a deal to me congrats to those that find the envelops with $$$$$.

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