Teen surrenders after sucker punch kills tourist outside Bronx bodega

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CLAREMONT, The Bronx (PIX11) – The suspect in a sucker punch that killed a man outside of a Bronx bodega turned himself in Sunday.

The man, 19-year-old Brownie Lopez, of the Bronx, gave himself up at the 48th precinct.

No longer sporting a big Afro or white tank top revealing star-shaped tattoos, Lopez arrived at the station house wearing an OBEY T-shirt and a Yankees baseball cap.

Accompanied by those who knew him, the man shed tears as he turned away from friends and family and was walked into the station house by a police officer.

Bronx Suspect

The suspect in a fatal Bronx sucker punch, accompanied by loved ones, turned himself in Sunday. (Univision)

Police had been looking for him after an altercation last Friday.  Swiss resident Oliver D’orio, 37, died after being knocked unconscious outside the Guerrero Bodega at 2334 Washington Ave.

The fatal blow was recorded by a camera inside the shop, and shows D’orio fall backwards after being hit, landing outside of the frame.

“One punch, that’s it,” the bodega owner told PIX 11.

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Fatal beating at Bronx bodega took police 30 mins to respond

The victim hit his head on the sidewalk in front of the bodega. He later died of his injuries.

It happened shortly after midnight Friday, and one hour later D’orio was pronounced dead.

Two sisters who live around the corner from the bodega in the building where D’orio was staying said the Swiss national had been acting strangely before the altercation, and appeared to be intoxicated.

Lopez has been charged with assault, a misdemeanor.



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  • Travis Goldman

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  • LT

    I’m glad he turned himself in. I’m surprised none of his relatives told him to pull his pants up and look presentable.

  • D Watson

    Learn to walk away, he look a hype now him get the hype, u do the crime go do the time an stop crying like a girl, 2 wrongs can’t make a right, learn to walk away

  • Mike H

    A drunk was picking a fight and got punched. Sad outcome but the kid shouldn't be crucified because he was sporting an "afro and tattoos"

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