Hero cat’s nemesis dog euthanized after attacking toddler

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(PIX11) – It’s the viral hero cat video that’s been spreading throughout the Internet for the past week — an aggressive dog attacks a 4-year-old boy who is saved by “Tara,” his beloved cat.

Now PIX11 has learned that the dog in the video had to be put down.

Dog hero cat

The dog that attacked the toddler next door, and was then attacked by the toddler’s pet cat, has been euthanized.

“Scrappy,” an 8-month-old Labrador-Chow mix was at a Bakersfield animal shelter for rehabilitation.

But the dog was still acting aggressively and according to TMZ, it even tried to bite workers at the shelter who tried to feed him food.

After the mandatory 10 days, the dog was euthanized.


      • JolarEQ

        You're probably the same type of person that thinks that mentally ill people need to be put down.

        There was something wrong with that dog, and yes, it needed to be put down. But your comment, the way you said it, shows that you're a dick that has no compassion.

      • RikkiJ

        I don't see esco attacking anyone and calling them names without provocation.
        Seems like your bleeding heart needs a band-aid.

      • JolarEQ

        LOL! Bleeding heart? Oh please. As I said, the dog did need to be put down, but esco was a dick with his comment. Plain and simple. I'm sorry that you don't like that.

        Actually, no I'm not.

      • RikkiJ

        Of course you're not sorry. How could someone that assumes other people wish death on "Mentally ill'' people have a credible apology? And why would you even ask a vile question like that?
        Saying something that lame won't win your arguments, that was just sad. Feel free to get in your last word. As esco said, "let it out". = )

    • marzee

      I agree with you esco. The dog went after the little boy in an unprovoked attack. If I owned the dog I would have made the same decision. I love my dogs like family members but would NEVER keep one that would do something like this. There was something seriously wrong with the dog.

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